Sporty’s Publishes Then and Now: How Airplanes Got This Way

Latest book by veteran aviation historian Phil Scott

Then & Now is a rollicking jaunt through aviation history, illuminating the highs and lows of aircraft design.

It is a light-hearted look at the people and events that shaped today’s general aviation airplane.

“Ever wonder why an airplane can stall with its engine running full speed? How airports developed into what they are today? Who invented rudder pedals, ailerons, the fuselage, and the Mile High Club?” asks Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “It’s all covered in a highly readable and witty style.”

With an introduction by aviation legend Richard Collins, Then and Now is a collection of hilarious, historical essays which take apart aircraft through history and tells how, through a combination of science and art, all the pieces fit together to make a thing that worked—or didn’t.

Historical photographs complement the text, while “Literary Intermissions” add original primary source content to the book. One such Intermission tells how an early pilot romanced a woman through his training log.

“Once you understand this rich aviation history, you’ll never look at flying quite the same–from your seatbelt to your enclosed cockpit,” adds Zimmerman.

Then and Now [M311A] is available for $19.95 and may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

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G1000 Training Course Now an App

Interactive iPad/iPhone app includes video, syllabus, quiz and more

Sporty’s G1000 Training Course smooths the transition from steam gauges to glass cockpits.

In addition to nearly two hours of in-depth video content, this app also includes Garmin’s complete Cockpit Reference Guide, two G1000 Training Course Outlines (student and instructor versions), G1000 simulator software for download and a review quiz.

Using an easy-to-navigate visual menu system to test your knowledge, the Garmin G1000 app is divided into 16 individual video segments for quick review. In all, this app contains almost two hours of scenario-based training and in-flight video.

The included review quiz provides instant feedback on your score and the ability to review missed questions. The program even allows you to quickly review the video segment from which the question was taken.

“With the bonus resources such as the Cockpit Reference Guide and Syllabus, this Garmin training course provides everything a pilot needs to become a proficient user of the G1000,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “This course covers it all from systems components and synthetic vision to autopilot operation.”

The Garmin G1000 Training Course for iPhone/iPad [90009] is available for $79.99 and may be ordered at

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