New iPad Briefcase is Perfect for High-Tech Pilots

Go from cockpit to office to home with the compact Pilot’s iPad Briefcase.

Sleek case holds iPad and accessories, but takes up virtually no space

With the tremendous popularity of the iPad, many pilots are carrying less gear with them in the cockpit. Stacks of paper charts and heavy manuals have been replaced by a single tablet–and flight bags need to adapt. That’s why Sporty’s has introduced the new Pilot’s iPad Briefcase. It’s perfect for iPad pilots who travel light, as it organizes and protects expensive electronic gear, but without a bulky shape.

A soft padded main compartment is the perfect size for an iPad, even if you keep your iPad in a case. A variety of internal and external pockets are ideal for storing a charging cable, cleaning cloth, backup battery and stylus.

The Pilot’s iPad Briefcase offers two options for carrying it. For lighter loads, two carry handles can be used. For heavier loads, the carry handles retract out of sight and a padded shoulder strap can be attached.

Measuring 12” x 9” x 2”, the Briefcase [7285A] is available for $39.95 and may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


Download hi res EPS of iPad Briefcase

Destination: Sporty’s for Summer Fun

Sporty's Building

Make Sporty’s your summer destination.

Make I69 a stop on your next flying trip for pilot-friendly service

Whether it’s for a fuel stop on the way to Oshkosh, a weekend outing or a place for quality flight instruction, Sporty’s headquarters at the Clermont County Airport (I69) should be on every pilot’s flight plan this summer. With a full schedule of events and on-site services including FBO, flight school, avionics shop and pilot store, there’s always something happening at Sporty’s.

Conveniently located in southwest Ohio, Sporty’s airport is an ideal fuel stop on the way to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, Sporty’s full-service FBO, offers excellent prices on Avgas and Jet A, and the overnight parking fee is waived with a fuel purchase. There are never landing or facility fees, and with no tower, arrivals and departures are quick and easy.

Sporty’s also offers free on-site camping (including shower facilities), special rates at area hotels and rental cars. There is even a deluxe weather briefing center that includes live Doppler radar.

“We make all of Sporty’s resources available to our student pilots and transient pilots,” says Sporty’s president and CEO Michael Wolf. “Consult with a flight instructor at no charge; use our crew car or relax in Sporty’s café with free WiFi while you watch the airplanes take off and land.”

The airport is also home to Sporty’s Academy, a world-class flight school with a fleet of 13 aircraft. Many pilots come for accelerated training programs or to fly the all-new Frasca Mentor flight simulator. The Mentor replicates a Cessna 172S cockpit layout, complete with an authentic Garmin G1000 panel with integrated GFC-700 autopilot that features advanced aerodynamic modeling, robust customization options and an impressive 200 degree visual display. Sporty’s Academy is also offering a variety of weekend ground schools throughout the summer.

During a visit, pilots also have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with Sporty’s on-site Aviation Medical Examiner, shop the famous retail store, visit Cincinnati Avionics or even take an FAA test at the Sporty’s Academy written testing center. In addition, the Tri-State Warbird Museum is across the runway with an impressive collection of restored and flying World War II airplanes.

Many pilots choose to come on Saturday to take part in Sporty’s weekly customer appreciation cookout where hot dogs, mettwurst and bratwurst are served free of charge from noon to 2 p.m. The event has become a tradition for thousands of pilots, with nearly 200,000 hot dogs served since the cookout began.

“And just like travelers enjoy getting their passports stamped, we’ll stamp your logbook to show that you’ve visited one of aviation’s prime destinations – the largest pilot shop in the world,” says Wolf.

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s

Download hi res EPS of the Frasca Mentor

Download his res EPS of Sporty’s Hot Dogs

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Store

Sporty’s Will Award Legend Cub for 2013 Sweepstakes

America’s most popular LSA to go to one lucky customer

Sporty’s 2013 Sweepstakes airplane.

All Sporty’s Pilot Shop customers are automatically entered to win the airplane every time they order.

“The Legend Cub combines the best of both worlds,” says Sporty’s President and CEO Michael Wolf. “The airplane has the classic design of the original Cub along with new technological enhancements to create an airplane that’s both modern and nostalgic.”

Manufactured by American Legend Aircraft Company, the Legend Cub is an aircraft any pilot would enjoy flying, and one of the most gratifying recreational aircraft available today.

The Cub features a complete Garmin panel, including an Aera 796 GPS, SL40 com radio and GTX 330 transponder.

“Sporty’s is all about having fun in the air, and there’s no better plane for that than a Cub,” adds Wolf. “This promises to be one of our most popular airplanes.”

The Legend Cub will be awarded during Sporty’s Annual Fly-In, scheduled for May 18, 2013. For more information please visit

Download hi res EPS of Legend Cub in Flight

Download hi res EPS of Legend Cub on the ground

Download hi res EPS of Legend Cub landing

Eighth Annual Sporty’s Fly-In Draws Record Crowds

Great weather made for a perfect fly-in day

Sporty's Fly-in

Sporty’s Fly-in 2012

Approximately 200 aircraft arrived during the Fly-in, making Clermont County/Sporty’s Airport one busy place on Saturday, May 19.

Attractions included dozens of commercial exhibitors, free seminars, shopping at Sporty’s retail shop and, of course, Sporty’s signature free hot dogs.

At Noon, a short program paid tribute to Rudy Frasca, founder of Frasca International. The National Association of Flight Instructors chose International Learn to Fly Day and Sporty’s Fly-in as the venue to induct Frasca into its Flight Instructor Hall of Fame. Accepting for Frasca, who was unable to attend, was his daughter, Peggy.

Yes, Dr. Smolin, you are the winner – for real!

An all-new Garmin equipped Cessna Skycatcher and two Bose A20 headsets were awarded to Dr. Matthew Smolin, a cardiologist in the United States Army Reserves who has served time in Iraq. Sporty’s President and CEO Michael Wolf telephoned Dr. Smolin from a speaker phone, while the fly-in attendees listened in, to inform him that he was the winner of Sporty’s Sweepstakes. After a few moments of silence, all Dr. Smolin could say was a quiet, “For real?” Later, plans were made for Dr. Smolin to come to Sporty’s to fly his new airplane home.

Free seminars were once again popular, with the seminar on Flying with the iPad, hosted by Sporty’s Vice President Bret Koebbe, attracting the most interest with more than 150 pilots in attendance. Other seminars were presented by Garmin, Aspen Avionics, Air Mod, ForeFlight and NFlightcam.

As part of International Learn to Fly Day, Sporty’s Academy provided several introductory lessons to aspiring aviators in airplanes and a glider. They also hosted a landing competition in its Frasca Mentor Flight Simulator, with the winner taking home one of Sporty’s most popular training courses – Sporty’s Flight Review.

“Our parking lot was full, the exhibit area buzzed, and we just about ran out of room to park airplanes,” said Wolf. “Our Fly-in is one of our favorite days of the year, and it’s always a good day when we can reward one of our customers with a brand-new airplane.”

Next year’s Fly-in and Sweepstakes award is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2013.

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Fly-In

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Fly-In Exhibitor Tent

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Fly-In Seminars

Learn Weather Flying from Richard Collins with Four New Apps

Richard Collin's Weather Flying App

Richard Collin’s Weather Flying App

iPad/iPhone app for each season provides real-world weather flying tips

Each season presents different weather scenarios general aviation pilots must face. In this four-part weather flying series, now available for iPad and iPhone, general aviation weather expert Richard Collins breaks down the challenges and opportunities for flying in seasonal weather conditions.

Richard L. Collins’ Advanced Spring Weather Flying, Advanced Summer Weather Flying, Advanced Fall Weather Flying and Advanced Winter Weather Flying present pilots with real-world flying and weather conditions. Viewers will go on actual flights with Collins to explore the relationship between forecast weather and real conditions, and how complex weather systems affect the airplane.

“There’s no one more knowledgeable about general aviation weather flying than Richard Collins,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “In these apps produced from his classic videos, Richard looks a little younger, the airplanes look a little older, but the content is timeless. To my mind, these four programs are among the best material we’ve ever offered and belong in every pilot’s collection.”

Each season’s program runs from 90 to 110 minutes and is chock-full of weather information that will make you a more informed pilot. Also included in each app is a review quiz based on content from the videos. After finishing the questions, pilots will receive instant feedback on their score and be able to review missed questions. There’s even a way to quickly review the video segment from which the question is based.

Richard Collins’ Advanced Weather Flying apps are available for each of the four seasons for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Each App is $4.99 and may be ordered at

Download hi res EPS of Advanced Spring Flying App

Download hi res EPS of Advanced Summer Flying App

Download hi res EPS of Advance Fall Flying App

Download hi res EPS of Advanced Winter Flying App

Pint-Size, but Powerful: Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit

You love your airplane so keep it sparkling with Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit.

Keep your airplane clean when away from home base

Sporty’s has assembled the perfect cleaning kit to keep in your airplane. One pint containers of an assortment of high quality cleaning supplies will ensure your airplane gleams even after a long flight. The small size of the containers makes sure your weight and balance won’t be thrown off with bulky gallon bottles.

The Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit contains all the basics needed to keep your airplane looking new. Each kit includes N’viro Solve, a bio-based degreaser; Xhaust & Soot Remover, a powerful cleaner/degreaser; Pro Wash RX, an everyday cleaner; Aero Glide, a dry wash/polish; and Mr. Detail, which cleans and shines. Every chemical has been tested and is safe for aircraft. An optional, convenient bag keeps all products organized and in one place.

“Your airplane will look like new while sitting on the line at Oshkosh, even after a four-hour cross country flight and an arrival through swarms of Wisconsin-size mosquitos,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “And it’s a convenient size for storage.”

Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit [B2098A]is available for $49.95, with the Cleaning Kit Bag [7655A] available for $15.95. Gallon size containers of these products as well as a box of 100 Dupont Aerospace Wipes [7726A] for $17.95 are also available. All products may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit

No More Dreading the “Low Battery” Warning

Dual 2.1 Amp Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Keep all your portable electronic devices charged in flight with Sporty’s pilot-tested accessories.

iPad charging accessories that belong in every flight bag

Pilots have plenty of batteries to keep charged these days, from iPads to smartphones to portable ADS-B receivers. Many of these gadgets require special high amp charging devices, and Sporty’s now offers a complete selection of pilot-tested gear to meet these needs.

The Dual 2.1 Amp Cigarette Lighter Adapter plugs into any cockpit power plug (12 or 24V) and provides two high amp USB ports. It’s ideal for charging an iPad and Stratus at the same time, and its universal design means it will work with almost any aircraft and any electronic device with a USB charging cable.

Sometimes you don’t have a cigarette lighter plug, though. For those occasions, Sporty’s offers the Backup Battery pack, with a long-lasting 16,000mAh internal battery that can increase the endurance of an iPad by 150%. With five USB ports, it also allows for multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. There’s even a built-in flashlight for backup illumination. The pack can be recharged by plugging it into any wall outlet.

Of course, neither of these accessories will work without the right cords. To make sure pilots always have a spare cable on hand, Sporty’s now offers a 3.5’ iPad/iPhone Charging Cord for the unbeatable price of $8.50. One can be left in the airplane, one in the car and one at home.

The Dual 2.1 Amp Cigarette Lighter Adapter [#7565A] is available for $14.95; the Backup Battery [#2126A] is available for $99.95; and the iPad Charging Cable [#9059A] is available for $8.50 or $5.00 each for four or more. All products may be ordered at or by phone at 1.800.SPORTYS.

Download hi res EPS of Dual 2.1 Amp Cigarette Light Adapter

Download hi res EPS of Backup Battery

Download hi res EPS of iPad Charging Cable

Commemorate a First Solo with this custom Plaque from Sporty’s

Sporty's Solo Plaque

The First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque is an excellent way to remember that first special flight.

This once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment should be honored

Whether it’s your own first solo or that of a friend or family member, Sporty’s First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque will forever keep that memory vivid. Perfect for hanging in the home office or den, this alder wood, laser-etched plaque is custom engraved with the pilot’s name and airplane on two lines (up to 30 characters per line).

The words on the plaque read: Rare is a sense of accomplishment felt greater than after your first solo flight. The thrill and excitement is indescribable to those who have not taken the controls into their own hands.

Measuring 8” x 10”, the First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque [#7587A] ships within two business days and is available for $29.95 at or by telephone at 1-800-SPORTYS.


Download hi res EPS of First Solo Plaque

Introducing Stratus: Portable In-Flight Weather for the iPad

The only high performance, subscription-free receiver made for ForeFlight


The Stratus, a collaboration between Sporty’s, Foreflight and Appareo, is completely wire-free.

Sporty’s has introduced the first completely wire-free weather receiver for the iPad–and it requires no monthly subscription. Stratus combines an ADS-B and GPS receiver into a single unit that wirelessly streams NEXRAD radar, text weather, TFRs and aircraft position to the popular ForeFlight Mobile app for iOS devices.

“Stratus delivers exactly what pilots have been asking for–a simple, smart and subscription-free way to view in-flight weather on their iPads,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “It’s incredibly easy to use, with just one button and virtually no setup.”

The totally portable design includes an internal eight-hour battery, a high-gain internal antenna, and a WiFi connection to the iPad, so Stratus can be placed on the glare shield and out of the way. It is easy to move from airplane to airplane, making it ideal for renters, flying clubs and corporate flight departments.

Stratus is a collaboration between Sporty’s, ForeFlight and Appareo Systems.

“ForeFlight, Appareo, and Sporty’s worked closely to ensure that the experience provided by Stratus would be best in class among portable ADS-B weather receivers and iPad applications,” says ForeFlight Co-Founder Tyson Weihs. “Pilots flying with Stratus and ForeFlight Mobile will see ADS-B information integrated throughout the app. Nice touches — like the ability to remotely control LED brightness and real-time ADS-B station information — will make flying with Stratus a joy.”

Stratus wirelessly streams the full suite of available weather products: NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, PIREPs, TFRs, and winds aloft. Stratus also includes a built-in WAAS GPS receiver that provides high-quality position information to ForeFlight Mobile’s moving map, which includes VFR sectional and IFR enroute charts.

“Stratus is a high-performance product that leverages Appareo’s years of ADS-B expertise,” says Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at Appareo. “Designed and manufactured at Appareo’s facilities in Fargo, North Dakota, Stratus is built and tested to withstand a wide range of operating conditions. Pilots have looked forward to a high-quality, wire-free, battery-powered device that is tightly integrated with ForeFlight. Stratus meets these needs and more.”

The WiFi connection allows multiple iPads to connect to Stratus, making it possible for two-pilot crews to view weather on separate iPads. Stratus weighs less than 12 oz, and measures 4.25”w x 5.75”d x 1”h.

Stratus [7281A] is available for $799 and comes with a wall plug and charging cable. Stratus may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Download hi res EPS of Stratus and iPad

Download hi res EPS screenshot of Stratus

Download hi res EPS screenshot2 of Stratus

Download hi res EPS screenshot3 of Stratus

Download hi res EPS screenshot4 of Stratus

Download hi res EPS screenshot5 of Stratus

Record Your Flights with NFlightcam Cockpit Video Cameras

NFlightcam mounted on window

The NFlightcam Sport is an easy and affordable way to get started with cockpit video cameras.

These easy-to-use HD cameras are perfect for sharing your passion for flight with others. The NFlightcam is compact and totally portable, so you can take it on every flight: record your landing at a unique airport, preserve the memory of your first solo cross-country or post an aerobatic flight to YouTube.

These cameras are also great for flight instructors and student pilots: you can quickly review a flight lesson, including all cockpit audio, during a post-flight briefing. It’s a great way to reinforce in-cockpit lessons, and it saves time and money in the airplane.

“The NFlightcam Plus is feature-packed and easy to use, but now we also offer the NFlightcam Sport which is even easier to use and a great value,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

The NFlightcam Sport takes just one button to get you recording. It comes with a tough aluminum case, which is also waterproof to one meter. Dual lasers allow for precise alignment of the lens, and a permanently attached aviation audio cable lets you record intercom and ATC transmissions.

“If you’re just getting started in video, the NFlightcam Sport is the way to go,” added Zimmerman.

Both models of the NFlightcam include a simple one-button operation to record at full 1080p HD video along with a custom aviation headset interface to record all audio. The NFlightcam takes up almost no space in the cockpit and weighs less than 6 oz. The camera lens can be rotated to mount the camera at any angle.

“The NFlightcam comes with software so you can edit and share your videos with friends on either Macs or PCs,” says Zimmerman.

The NFlightcam Sport [8085A] is available for $299 and the NFlightcam Plus [9340A] is available for $499 and may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Download hi res EPS of NFlightcam Sport

Download hi res EPS of NFlightcam Plus

Download hi res EPS of NFlightcam footage

Download hi res EPS of NFlightcam mounted to window