Sporty's Solo Plaque

Commemorate a First Solo with this custom Plaque from Sporty’s

Sporty's Solo Plaque

The First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque is an excellent way to remember that first special flight.

This once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment should be honored

Whether it’s your own first solo or that of a friend or family member, Sporty’s First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque will forever keep that memory vivid. Perfect for hanging in the home office or den, this alder wood, laser-etched plaque is custom engraved with the pilot’s name and airplane on two lines (up to 30 characters per line).

The words on the plaque read: Rare is a sense of accomplishment felt greater than after your first solo flight. The thrill and excitement is indescribable to those who have not taken the controls into their own hands.

Measuring 8” x 10”, the First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque [#7587A] ships within two business days and is available for $29.95 at or by telephone at 1-800-SPORTYS.


Download hi res EPS of First Solo Plaque