Since pioneering the weekend ground school more than 50 years ago, Sporty’s has brought innovative training content and cutting-edge features to the aviation community.  We don’t produce every course for every subject.  We focus on our core areas of expertise that come from a staff of more than 20 flight instructors, a training fleet of nearly 20 aircraft, and the tens of thousands of pilots Sporty’s has successfully trained.

This practical experience makes us uniquely qualified to offer the most advanced training resource available. Sporty’s award-winning Learn to Fly Course includes more than 20 hours of in-flight footage and incredible 3D animations and graphics. There are also detailed sections for knowledge test prep, maneuvers, a training syllabus, and the Airman Certification Standards. Students are eligible to receive their written exam endorsement upon completion of the course.

The Learn to Fly Course includes four delivery formats for the same price: online, for Apple TV, for iPads/iPhones, and for Android. Since video and test prep progress is synced automatically, customers can switch back and forth seamlessly.

When studying with the Sporty’s course, students may invite their CFI to monitor video and practice test progress. That way, the CFI can review the strengths and weaknesses of a particular student to make real-time flight lessons more meaningful. And students always have access to Sporty’s expert CFI Team via the included “Ask a CFI” feature.

All of this plus Sporty’s triple guarantee – you’re guaranteed to pass all three tests or your money back – make Sporty’s your most valuable resource in pilot training.

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