Pint-Size, but Powerful: Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit

You love your airplane so keep it sparkling with Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit.

Keep your airplane clean when away from home base

Sporty’s has assembled the perfect cleaning kit to keep in your airplane. One pint containers of an assortment of high quality cleaning supplies will ensure your airplane gleams even after a long flight. The small size of the containers makes sure your weight and balance won’t be thrown off with bulky gallon bottles.

The Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit contains all the basics needed to keep your airplane looking new. Each kit includes N’viro Solve, a bio-based degreaser; Xhaust & Soot Remover, a powerful cleaner/degreaser; Pro Wash RX, an everyday cleaner; Aero Glide, a dry wash/polish; and Mr. Detail, which cleans and shines. Every chemical has been tested and is safe for aircraft. An optional, convenient bag keeps all products organized and in one place.

“Your airplane will look like new while sitting on the line at Oshkosh, even after a four-hour cross country flight and an arrival through swarms of Wisconsin-size mosquitos,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “And it’s a convenient size for storage.”

Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit [B2098A]is available for $49.95, with the Cleaning Kit Bag [7655A] available for $15.95. Gallon size containers of these products as well as a box of 100 Dupont Aerospace Wipes [7726A] for $17.95 are also available. All products may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Download hi res EPS of Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit