Sporty's FoundationThe Sporty’s Foundation mission is to ensure a healthy general aviation community for the next generation. That means working with young people to create opportunities to learn about airplanes, expose them to aviation environments and provide opportunities for them to experience flight firsthand.

In addition, a healthy industry needs technicians, engineers and mechanics. Glass cockpits, composite technology and advanced powerplant designs demand a skilled workforce to maintain this equipment. The next generation of pilots will depend on this support team.

Of course, no effort in aviation is effective without safety as its base, so The Sporty’s Foundation concerns itself with programs that educate and inform pilots how to make flying safer. Just like past generations, the next generation of pilots must continually hone their flying skills and raise their awareness in order to ensure that general aviation’s outstanding safety record continues.

Young Eagles flightWith the future of general aviation in mind, The Sporty’s Foundation will fund aviation education and safety programs with an emphasis on attracting and retaining young people as part of the aviation community.

Launched in March 2007, The Sporty’s Foundation has as its goal, funding programs that work to educate young people on the excitement and life-enhancing potential of general aviation. The Foundation’s initial bequest was to the Aircraft Electronics Association’s Educational Fund in order to provide scholarship money for individuals pursuing careers as avionics technicians.

The Sporty’s Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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