Warbird Sculptures Add Distinction to Office or Hangar

Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection introduces two World War II era sculptures: a fighter and a bomber. Crafted of resin and painted in precise detail, these sculptures may be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk or bookcase.

Turn Your Flights into a Work of Art

Sporty’s can now create a custom framed print showing the track map of all IFR flights you made in a time period up to one year. Using data from Flight Aware, this print shows all IFR flights, including departure and destination airport identifiers and the actual route flown.

Air Facts Sponsors Summer Writing Challenge for Young Pilots

Air Facts, the online journal for personal air travel, is asking young pilots to write essays about their flying experience as part of Air Facts’ Summer Writing Challenge.

Sporty’s Will Award Van’s RV-12 for 2014 Sweepstakes

Sporty’s Sweepstakes airplane for 2014 is an all-new Van’s RV-12. This aircraft is the first factory-built airplane from Van’s, a leading designer of kit aircraft.

Stratus second generation

Stratus (second generation)

The all-new Stratus turns your iPad into the ultimate pilot tool, delivering subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, GPS position and attitude information – all from a wireless receiver that fits in your pocket.

Flying with ForeFlight video course

This comprehensive ForeFlight training video is packed jargon-free tips and real world shortcuts. It’s ideal for prospective users, new ForeFlight pilots and experienced pros alike.

NFlightcam Kit for iPhone

NFlightcam designed this universal iPhone camera kit to make your iPhone into the ultimate aviation camera. Simply attach the lens to your iPhone, plug in the audio cable to your headset and go flying.

Great Day for Sporty’s Ninth Annual Fly-In

Sporty’s Ninth Annual Fly-In went off without a hitch this past Saturday despite the all-day threat of thunderstorms. About 100 aircraft made the trip to Clermont County Airport, coming from as far away as Virginia, Maryland and Michigan.

Become a ForeFlight expert with Sporty’s New Training Course

The rapid popularity of ForeFlight is nothing short of phenomenal. With a mix of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, ForeFlight has become the most popular app for pilots.