Air Facts Sponsors Summer Writing Challenge for Young Pilots


Air Facts’ Summer Writing Challenge.

Air Facts, the online journal for personal air travel, is asking young pilots to write essays about their flying experience as part of Air Facts’ Summer Writing Challenge.

“We need to recognize and hear from young pilots and have them share their flying experiences with us,” says John Zimmerman, Air Facts’ Editor. “You don’t have to be a 65-year old multi-thousand hour pilot to be a member of the pilot club. Young pilots are important.”

Pilots from 16 to 24-years of age should submit a 750 to 1000 word personal essay on one of the following subjects:

  • The Moment I Felt like a Pilot
  • My First Passenger 
  • “I Messed Up”
  • Five Flying Adventures I Want to Have
  • Topic of your own choosing

Young pilots may select one of these topics, or one of their own choosing. Essays should be submitted in a Word document, along with a digital photo of themselves and 50-word biography. Submissions should be sent to [email protected].

“Our motivation for the Summer Writing Challenge is to shine a light on the incredible young people who have chosen to be pilots,” adds Zimmerman. “Their voices should be part and parcel of the GA community, and this is our way to make sure they are welcome.”