Sporty’s Introduces the PJ2 Handheld COM Radio

Sporty’s Introduces the PJ2 Handheld COM Radio

The only aviation radio with built-in headset plugs

PJ2 COM radio

Standard twin plug headsets can connect directly to the PJ2 without adapter cables.

The all-new, patent-pending PJ2 is the only handheld aviation radio that can be connected to standard aviation headset plugs without using a special adapter. The simplicity of the PJ2 makes it a pilot favorite and the ideal backup radio: just turn it on, type in a frequency, and plug in your headset.

“The PJ2 is made exclusively for pilots – there are no menus, no wires, and no adapters,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.  “Dedicated volume and squelch knobs are easy to adjust, even in turbulence, and the extra-large screen and backlit keypad make a big difference during an emergency.”

In addition to push-button frequency entry, the PJ2 has a handy last frequency button to quickly switch back and forth between tower and ground, or approach and CTAF. It can also store 20 memory channels, which are easily recalled using the PJ2’s large, backlit screen. Pilots can even access NOAA weather radio stations for updated forecasts.

Most pilots will use the included alkaline battery pack (uses six AA batteries) for all-day power without worrying about rechargeable batteries or cords. The PJ2 is made to sit ready in a flight bag for weeks then be ready to go at a moment’s notice, but a USB-C port on the side of the radio is also available as a option to power the radio.

“We believe regular AA batteries are the best choice for backup use, but the ability to power the PJ2 with a USB-C cable is a convenient option,” adds Zimmerman. “From Sentry ADS-B receivers to iPad Pros, this cable is increasingly common.”

The PJ2 comes with an alkaline battery pack, antenna, 100-240v wall plug, a USB-A to USB-C adapter cable, belt clip, and pilot’s guide. Headsets with standard twin plugs (PJ-055 and PJ-068) require no adapter; for Lemo/6-pin plug headsets, an adapter [6123A] is available for $39.95. The PJ2 COM Radio [#1812A] is available for $199 and may be purchased by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at



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Sporty’s Releases 2019 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating Courses

Sporty’s Releases 2019 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating Courses

New Android app, new test prep tools make Sporty’s the most user-friendly courses available

Sporty’s has released the 2019 editions of its Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses. Even with the significant enhancements, the prices for both courses remain the same and pilots who have purchased previous years’ courses automatically gain access to the 2019 edition free of charge.

“Three years ago we set out to take our courses to the next level, and with this edition we believe we have the world standard in pilot training courses,” said Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “Pilots can now train anywhere, from laptop to smartphone, in a modern style with HD video segments and powerful test prep features.”

Online course users will appreciate the enhanced test prep tools. Detailed analytics show pilots which topics need the most work, and smart study sessions automatically tailor questions to each user’s specific needs. Individual quiz questions offer detailed explanations, complete with interactive reference links for further study. The result is more effective and efficient knowledge test preparation. Plus, a comprehensive video search tool makes it easy to review specific topics.

Keeping your flight instructor in the loop is easier than ever in the 2019 edition. CFIs are able to view a complete listing of all videos in the course and which have been completed. CFIs can, in turn, assign segments to review and stay apprised of completed material. Plus, CFIs can see completed practice tests with the ability to access that session and see how the student is performing.

“Of course there’s a lot more than just technical improvements,” says Radtke. “We’ve added many hours of new HD video content, covering important topics like ADS-B technology, Air Traffic Control procedures, weather flying, communications tips, and much more.”

Continuing its growth as a fully integrated training platform, CloudAhoy is now integrated into the courses. Users can connect their CloudAhoy account to their Sporty’s course so any flights logged with CloudAhoy will sync, including a listing of each flight maneuver from the lesson. What’s more, every maneuver shown in the CloudAhoy flight log will be connected to the corresponding maneuver guide in Sporty’s courses for quick review. Last year’s courses integrated with ForeFlight and Redbird, and further integrations are already in the works.

Introducing Sporty’s Pilot Training App for Android

The 2019 course editions can now can be accessed through a native Android app for phones, tablets and Chromebooks. The Pilot Training app allows pilots to stream video segments or download them for offline viewing, and also offers customized study sessions. With the addition of this app, pilots can learn wherever it’s convenient: via Windows or Mac with the online training portal, on iPads and iPhones with the dedicated iOS app, on a big screen with the Apple TV app, and on Android devices.

Sporty’s Private Pilot Learn to Fly course [#E1753A] is available for $199.99 and Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course [#E4200A] is available for $199.99. Both include full access to all formats: online, iOS app, Android app, and Apple TV app. Each course may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.




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Video Search Tool

Enhanced Test Prep


Interactive Quiz

CloudAhoy integration

Android App

Airman Certificate Standards





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Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Video Search Tool)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Test Prep)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Syllabus)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Internactive Quiz)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Cloud Ahoy Intergration)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Andriod App)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses (Airmen Certification Standards)

Keep Flying and Charging while Using Your iPad

Keep Flying and Charging while Using Your iPad

Flight Gear Backup Battery

Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery does it all

The all-new Flight Gear Backup Battery for iPad is the pilot’s answer for charging mobile devices on the flight deck. This battery packs 20,000mAh, but its slim shape will fit in any flight bag. This battery can charge multiple iPads and Stratus at the same time even while those devices are in use.

A total of four high amp USB ports are available to charge your devices, three standard USB-A ports (like those found on computers and wall chargers) and one USB-C output port.

Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery also offers flexible charging options when it needs to be recharged. No more trying to find the proprietary charging cable or a certain type of cable you may not normally carry. The Flight Gear Backup Battery can be charged with a Micro-USB, Type-C, or Lightning Cable.

“Any time you add an electronic device to the cockpit, you run the risk of interference with the radios,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “We’re very concerned about that problem, so we’ve tested the Flight Gear Battery pack in multiple aircraft and through hundreds of flight hours to ensure that it won’t become a nuisance in the plane.”

Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery has built-in safety features that constantly monitor the battery health. In the event of a problem, the battery will shut down until the issue is resolved, protecting against temperature fluctuations, overcharging, over discharging, short circuits and other issues.

Measuring 7.75” x 3.75” x 0.5” and weighing less than one pound, Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery has a quick reference guide in the form of a placard printed directly on the back of the battery.

Save with Sporty’s Flight Gear Charging Bundle

With the Flight Gear Charging Bundle, you can charge everything you need at home, in the car or airplane, and on the go. These charging accessories are created for pilots with the goal of eliminating electronic interference, overheating problems, low amperage USB ports and low-quality chargers.

“When your iPad is considered required equipment, you better have the power it needs,” adds Zimmerman.

Included in the Sporty’s Flight Gear Charging Bundle is the Flight Gear Battery Pack for iPad, the Flight Gear USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Voltage Meter, and the Flight Gear Dual USB Wall Plug.

The Flight Gear Backup Battery for iPad [6639A] is available for $79.95. The Flight Gear Charging Bundle [B1124A] is available for a special price of $99.95. Each may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.




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Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery Charging an iPad

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear Backup Battery (Back)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s FLight Gear Backup Battery (Powergrid)








































Sporty’s Launches Stratus 3

Sporty’s Launches Stratus 3

More features, low introductory price

Stratus 3 adds new features and additional app support, plus a $200 price reduction.


Today Sporty’s introduced Stratus 3, the latest generation of aviation’s best selling and most trusted weather receiver. Over the last six years, pilots have logged millions of hours with Stratus in everything from antique taildraggers to military fighter jets, using Stratus to make smarter in-flight decisions. The new model includes popular features like subscription-free weather, dual band ADS-B traffic, GPS, and backup attitude information, plus additional app options and a new low price.

“With our partners Appareo and ForeFlight, Sporty’s keeps making a great unit better,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Pilots have asked for more features and more flexibility, and we’re happy to deliver both – plus an amazing price.”

Stratus 3 has an introductory price of $699, which is $200 less than Stratus 2S, but still enhancing features and performance. In fact, pilots will find thoughtful additions like an automatic shutoff mode that senses the conclusion of a flight, thus saving battery life.

Another new feature is smart WiFi, which allows pilots to use the iPad’s LTE connection while connected to Stratus 3, ideal for last-minute flight plan changes on the ground. What’s more, pilots can now hide the Stratus WiFi network or make it password-protected, a critical feature for airline and military pilots.

Stratus 3 can also take advantage of some new features from the FAA and ForeFlight. It will receive five new ADS-B products when they start broadcasting later this year, including echo tops, lightning, icing and turbulence forecasts, Center Weather Advisories, and G-AIRMETs. ADS-B traffic is also better than ever, with a 3D display of nearby targets in ForeFlight’s updated synthetic vision view.

Additional app support

Stratus 3 was designed to integrate seamlessly with ForeFlight and pilots will appreciate the deep integration. Complete status information is available right on the moving map page, including ADS-B reception, AHRS performance, and battery status. Plus, Stratus Replay allows ForeFlight users to turn off their iPad screens without missing weather updates. There’s even a built-in flight data recorder that automatically tracks every flight.

Stratus 3 also supports a variety of other aviation apps, both on iOS and Android, using the industry standard GDL 90 protocol. This allows other apps to display weather, traffic, GPS position, and attitude from Stratus 3.

With the introductory price of $699, Stratus 3 [6647A] comes with a dash mount, charging cable, wall outlet charging plug, and Stratus Pilot Guide. Stratus 3 will be on display at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh at booth #3147 in Hangar C and at Sporty’s tent, just outside of Hangar B. Stratus 3 may also be purchased at or by calling 800-SPORTYS.



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Sporty’s Launches All-Access Membership

Flight Crew provides loads of extras for customers

Sporty’s customers who want continuous access to Sporty’s training content and extra benefits beyond Sporty’s unparalleled customer service can now sign up to be part of Sporty’s Flight Crew, a customer benefit program with three levels: Basic, Gold, and Platinum.

For $49.99 a year, Basic Flight Crew members receive unlimited free two-day shipping, a premier subscription to Sporty’s Takeoff app, and access to an on-call personal shopper at Sporty’s to consult by phone or email.

For just $199.99 annually, customers gain access to Sporty’s Flight Crew Gold level. For that, the customer gets unlimited access, to Sporty’s library of “What You Should Know” videos, Air Facts videos and more – including instant access to new and updated courses as they are released. In addition, Gold level crew benefits include free embroidery and the opportunity to apply for $2,500 flight training scholarships available exclusively to Gold and Platinum Flight Crew members.

Platinum members pay just $299.99 per year and receive all Basic and Gold benefits. In addition, Platinum members have unlimited access to Sporty’s training courses (private, instrument, eFIRC), a free flying lesson at Sporty’s Academy, “office hours” chats with Sporty’s CFIs, members-only shopping times at EAA AirVenture and Sun ‘n Fun, participation in AVTRIP (AvFuel) rewards and access to other special offers throughout the year.

“Flight Crew Platinum really is the ultimate membership for active pilots,” said Zimmerman. “It’s well over $1,000 in value.  As programming and content is added, Flight Crew members will gain access immediately.”

It’s easy to enroll as a Sporty’s Flight Crew member by visiting or by telephoning 1-800-SPORTYS.


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Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Takeoff App

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Sporty’s Introduces Air Scan® Radio with Bluetooth


Listen to Spotify and local aviation traffic at the same time with Aviation Interrupt

Sporty’s all-new Air Scan radio/scanner can easily pair to a smartphone or iPad for playing music from your favorite app while Aviation Interrupt™ alerts you to any aviation transmissions on your preferred frequencies. Perfect for your home office, the desk at your FBO, or your workbench in the hangar, the Air Scan is an easy way to monitor aviation traffic while still listening to your favorite music or sports.

With Aviation Interrupt, the Air Scan silently scans up to 10 preset frequencies for activity. When a signal is detected on any of these frequencies, the music or other programming is interrupted and the aviation transmission is played. When the transmission ends, the Air Scan returns you to what you were listening to prior to the transmission.

“Sporty’s very first product in 1961 was a Realtone radio that Sporty’s founder, Hal Shevers, modified to receive aviation transmissions,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Since then, we’ve done various versions of desktop aviation scanners, and this latest model has the features that made the previous one so popular — namely, Aviation Interrupt — but in a completely new design and with a number of modern enhancements.”

One of the enhancements is the Bluetooth feature of the Air Scan. Bluetooth allows you to add aviation communications to almost anything you listen to on your smartphone including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. You can also plug your phone, computer or tablet into your Air Scan using the aux-in jack, or tune in your favorite stations with the built-in AM/FM radio. There’s even an external speaker jack, so you can connect the Air Scan to your surround sound system or an airport speaker.

“Even if you aren’t listening to music, the Air Scan makes a great aviation radio,” adds Zimmerman. “You can scan the entire airband frequency range or just the 10 memory channels for activity.”

With the holidays approaching, Sporty’s Air Scan makes a great gift for pilots and non-pilots alike. Planespotters, individuals too young for flight training, and armchair aviation buffs will all enjoy being part of the aviation action with Air Scan.

The Air Scan package [5173A] includes the Air Scan radio, 110V wall plug, telescoping BNC antenna and user guide and is available for $139.95 by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at




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Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan (Chart)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan (Head on)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan (Right View)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan (Left View)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Air Scan (Top View)



















Sporty’s Releases 2018 Learn to Fly Course


User feedback leads to Sporty’s most thorough update yet

Today Sporty’s released the 2018 version of its award-winning Learn to Fly Course. With thousands of active students using its training products, Sporty’s fielded input from those pilots to incorporate enhancements into this course to make it the best ever.

A major change is that the customer doesn’t have to select which format to use. The Learn to Fly Course now includes all three formats for the same price: online, for Apple TV, and for iPads/iPhones. Since video and test prep progress is synced automatically, customers can switch back and forth seamlessly.

“Pilots want to learn wherever they are and with whatever device they have handy,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “This new course makes it easier than ever to do just that, whether it’s taking a practice test on an iPhone or watching HD video on a desktop computer.”

All-new iOS app

The enhanced sync capability is possible thanks to Sporty’s Pilot Training App, a completely new iOS app, built from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. Pilots can use this App to stream video segments over WiFi or LTE, or save them for offline viewing. There are also detailed sections for knowledge test prep, maneuvers, a training syllabus, and the Airman Certification Standards.

“This is much more than a companion app,” says Radtke. “Every feature of our online course is available in the iOS app, whether you’re using an iPhone 5 or an iPad Pro.”

Pilots can also purchase access to additional courses from Sporty’s Pilot Training App, including the Instrument Rating Course and the Flying with ForeFlight Course. This makes it an integrated resource for aviation learning.

Now with CFI Tracking

When studying with the Sporty’s course, students may invite their CFI to monitor video and practice test progress. That way, the CFI can review the strengths and weaknesses of a particular student to make real-time flight lessons more meaningful.

“This was an enhancement our customers wanted. They believe it is useful for their CFI to take an active role as they progress through the course,” adds Radtke.  “Plus the CFI’s presence adds accountability to the student – is their student really studying once they leave the airport?”

Still More Features

Sporty’s 2018 Learn to Fly Course includes more new and enhanced features, including:

  • More review quizzes to keep attention sharp
  • Smart streaming technology to ensure the best quality video without annoying buffering time
  • Review notes for each video to make review sessions more efficient
  • 32 all-new fully-narrated HD maneuvers to show every ACS element step by step
  • New and updated video segments on BasicMed, new ATC technology and much more

Sporty’s Learn to Fly course is also now integrated with Redbird’s Guided Independent Flight Training (GIFT) program. This means that the course may be used with the Redbird simulator platforms to practice maneuvers applicable to the flight training syllabus.

“All in all, this is the most thorough revamp we’ve made to our Learn to Fly Course,” says Radtke. “We won’t rest on our laurels, though, and we’ll keep trying to make the course even more powerful learning experience for students.”

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course [1753A] is available for $199.99 and may be purchased at



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Sporty’s Introduces Flight Gear High Performance

All-new flight bag designs based on years of pilot feedback

Flight Gear High Performance includes new materials, new pockets and lighter weight.

Flight Gear High Performance includes new materials, new pockets and lighter weight.

Sporty’s Flight Gear was first introduced 25 years ago to offer pilots reliable flight bags with aviation-specific features, all at affordable prices. Since then, hundreds of thousands of pilots have chosen Flight Gear to protect and organize important aviation gear, but the line has constantly evolved to keep up with changing technology and pilot preferences. The latest evolution is a completely redesigned selection of flight bags and kneeboards: Flight Gear High Performance (Flight Gear HP).

“As pilots ourselves, we trust other pilots to tell it like it is when it comes to our products,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Good, bad, but rarely indifferent, customer feedback is combed over to see how our products can be improved, and that’s certainly true with Flight Gear HP.”

Normally, the bigger the bag the better, but not so for Flight Gear HP. Originally introduced when pilots carried 20 pounds of paper charts, Flight Gear bags have been made smaller with pockets and pouches specifically designed to accommodate and protect today’s electronics, with a focus on iPads, ANR headsets, and charging cables.

“Pilots will find lots of thoughtful touches with these new bags,” says Zimmerman, “including oversized headset pockets, pass-through iPad pockets and a high visibility interior lining.”

Lighter is also better. By using new construction techniques and modern ripstop fabric, Flight Gear HP is 30% lighter than previous Sporty’s bags, with more streamlined shapes. They’re also more comfortable to carry, with reinforced handles, non-slip shoulder straps, and ergonomic zipper pulls. Lighter weight doesn’t mean lower quality, though: reinforced stitching, strengthened hardware, and a 3-year warranty ensure each Flight Gear HP bag will offer years of service.

“We’re proud that we’ve added so many features without increasing prices,” says Zimmerman. “Every bag in the Flight Gear High Performance line is under $100.”

Gear Mods to Satisfy Every Pilot

Since it’s tough to get any two pilots to agree on anything, Sporty’s has added customization to Flight Gear in the form of Gear Mods, which are pocket and pouch accessories so that every pilot can design their own bag. Some of the Gear Mods are an iPad Mini case, a sunglasses holder and a headset pouch. These simply attach to the back interior wall of any Flight Gear HP bag.

Gear Mods are also compatible with Sporty’s iPad kneeboards, so you can add accessories to the side of your leg. This is ideal for storing charging cables or screen cleaners.

Initials and N-numbers can be embroidered on Flight Gear for further customization. The Flight Gear High Performance line is available by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at


Medium resolution pictures for online:


Tailwind Backpack

Tailwind Backpack

iPad Bag

iPad Bag

Crosswind Bag

Crosswind Bag

Captain's Bag

Captain’s Bag


High resolution pictures for print:

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear HP

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Tailwind Backpack

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s iPad Bag

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Crosswind Bag

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Captain’s Bag



Sporty’s Enhances Takeoff App

Takeoff app feature

New features, tons of content, and now a free trial

Launched in April to an eager audience, Sporty’s free Takeoff app has become a daily habit for thousands of pilots. Sporty’s recently added quizzes to its daily lineup of videos, articles, photos, podcasts and aviation news. Quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge on a variety of subjects, from aviation charts to airspace.

“We’ve posted more than 250 items to Takeoff already, and we’re adding content at a rate of two or three new items every day,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “In addition to our Sporty’s team, we have expert commentary from Jason Miller of ‘The Finer Points of Flying’, Scott Dimmich, our weather expert, and more.”

Takeoff Pro is a paid subscriber version of Takeoff with exclusive content. In response to customer requests, Sporty’s is offering a one-month free trial of Takeoff Pro so pilots can judge for themselves if they want to subscribe to Takeoff Pro or remain with the free version. Takeoff Pro contains no advertising and presents approximately double the content of Takeoff. Simply download the Takeoff app and select “start free trial” from the main menu.

Sporty’s Takeoff app is available for download at the iTunes App Store.

Medium resolution pictures for online:

Takeoff app quiz

Takeoff app free trial

Takeoff app article





High resolution pictures for print:

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Takeoff App

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Takeoff App (free trial)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Takeoff App (quiz)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Takeoff App (articles)



Sporty’s Makes Aviation Insurance Easier to Buy

Introducing Sporty’s Insurance Center, powered by LoomisSIC logo

Pilots and aircraft owners now have another choice when it comes to aviation insurance. Today, Sporty’s announces the launch of Sporty’s Insurance Center, in partnership with Global Aerospace and The Loomis Company, which will offer coverage for both aircraft owners and renters.

As a leader in the aviation community for providing customer service, Sporty’s Insurance Center will make insurance easier to purchase with fast, automated online quotes available around the clock on a mobile-friendly website. In many cases, pilots can do more than just get quotes – they can purchase coverage on the spot and immediately receive their policy by email, saving time and frustration.

“You can buy almost anything online these days, so why not aviation insurance?” says Sporty’s President Michael Wolf. “By combining the latest technology with the expertise of seasoned insurance professionals, we’re able to offer the fast and easy online purchasing experience that pilots have come to expect from Sporty’s.”

Other key benefits of Sporty’s Insurance Center are competitive pricing, including some of the lowest rates available for aircraft and renters insurance, and broad coverage – even experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Accident forgiveness is also standard, meaning no premium surcharges for losses under $10,000.

Another valuable benefit of Sporty’s Insurance Center is to have pilot supplies covered. That means that if a headset or portable GPS is stolen, policyholders will be reimbursed.

Sporty’s has teamed with two of the best in the aviation insurance business to deliver a program that puts pilots first. Global Aerospace, Sporty’s exclusive underwriter, is a leading provider of aircraft insurance, and has more than 90 years of experience. The Loomis Company is a respected aviation insurance agency with decades of experience and a focus on the personal touch.

“Pilots should be able to purchase low cost, high quality coverage online,” says Jeff Bruno, President and Chief Underwriting Officer of Global Aerospace. “By teaming with Sporty’s and Loomis we have made the process of buying high quality insurance simple to understand and convenient.”

Pilots who purchase coverage through Sporty’s Insurance Center will also receive a free aviation emergency response planning kit that provides peace of mind for a pilot and his or her family. And personal service is available at any time.

“Even though we’re proud of the online quote system, pilots can rest assured that there are still knowledgable and helpful insurance agents available to answer questions,” says Loomis Company President James Loomis.

For a free quote from Sporty’s Insurance Center, please visit, call 800.266.3630 or email [email protected].

About Global Aerospace

Global Aerospace is a leading provider of aerospace insurance with a worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and space industries.  Headquartered in London, we have offices in Canada, Cologne, Paris, Zurich and throughout the United States. Across the world we employ over 300 people. With experience dating back to the 1920s, the company’s underwriting is backed by a pool of high quality insurance companies representing some of the most respected names in the business. For additional information about Global Aerospace, please visit To learn more about the company’s SM4 safety program, please visit


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