New Flight Gear Survival Tool Available from Sporty’s

Sporty’s Flight Gear Survival Tool is a 13-in-1 aviation multitool, which is designed to be a versatile companion for aviation and emergency situations. This specialty tool combines several functions into a single compact device, so it takes up less space and is always available to help.

Sporty’s Partners with LIFT Academy

Sporty’s has partnered with LIFT Academy, a flight training program owned by Republic Airways, to provide Sporty’s award-winning, online training courses to LIFT Academy students. This collaboration between Sporty’s and LIFT Academy grants students access to a range of valuable learning resources including Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course, Instrument Rating Course, Commercial Pilot Course, and Sporty’s Garmin G1000 Checkout Course.

Sporty’s Continues its Christmas Tradition

Sporty’s Crystal Christmas Ornament is an annual tradition for pilots, flight schools, FBOs, and aviation enthusiasts. This year’s ornament, the 39th in the series, features the classic Aeronca Champ.

Sporty’s Launches 2024 Pilot Training Courses

Sporty’s award-winning pilot training courses are updated for 2024 with a number of significant enhancements that make training more engaging and more efficient. Updates for 2024 include new video segments, new training resources, improved study guides, and in-course notifications.

Sporty’s Awards Pilot Training+ Scholarship

The grandchild of an Air Force veteran, Matt Everett grew up with aviation in his genes. His appreciation for aviation was fostered by visiting airports with his grandmother as a child and watching airplanes in the shadows of the runway 23 arrivals at the McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN.

More than a Kneeboard

As part of its extensive line of kneeboards to satisfy any pilot’s particular requirements, Sporty’s offers a new Metal Bi-Fold Lap Desk. This rugged organizer features two 9” x 8” panels that fold flat to provide a sturdy surface for charts, notepads, checklists, or even electronic devices.

Sporty’s Introduces the L6 Handheld COM Radio

The all-new patented L6 is a low-cost backup radio, and the only handheld aviation radio that can be connected to a LEMO headset without using a special adapter. The simplicity of the L6 makes it a pilot favorite: just turn it on, type in a frequency, and plug in your headset.

Limited Edition Cirrus SR22 Die-Cast Model Now Available

The die-cast Cirrus SR22 model is a replica of an SR22 based at Sporty’s/Clermont county airport and the only 1:72 scale Cirrus SR22 ever made available.

Sporty’s Introduces 2023 Edition of Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Sporty’s has overhauled its online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) for 2023, with new lessons on hot topics in flight training, an all-new user interface for immersive learning, and helpful tools for flight instructors. As always, Sporty’s FIRC is completely free for all active flight instructors and educators.