Sporty’s Introduces 2023 Edition of Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Free course includes all-new interface, modern training topics

Sporty’s has overhauled its online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) for 2023, with new lessons on hot topics in flight training, an all-new user interface for immersive learning, and helpful tools for flight instructors. As always, Sporty’s FIRC is completely free for all active flight instructors and educators.

“As instructors ourselves we know how frustrating many FIRC experiences can be, so we set out to create a modern, engaging, and easy-to-use course,” says Sporty’s Senior Vice President Bret Koebbe. “This year’s edition continues our focus on practical topics to make flight training more effective, and by making it available for free we hope to make the CFI renewal process completely hassle-free.”

The content in Sporty’s FIRC is updated and expanded, with a focus on modern technology, new weather tools, FAA regulation updates, current safety trends, and tips for getting the most out of IACRA. The new lessons incorporate hundreds of graphics and images, along with supplemental video content and a review quiz at the end of each section.

Built with an all-new online course design that is easier and much faster to use, Sporty’s FIRC is universally accessible on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. There’s no software to install—just log in and start learning. A progress dashboard keeps CFIs apprised of study progress and quiz scores.

In addition to the FIRC, flight instructors will also receive a host of additional tools—once again, for free. This includes access to Sporty’s Learn to Fly, Instrument, and Commercial Courses, and student progress tracking in each, along with all the FAA handbooks, Sporty’s TCOs, and ground lesson guides. Also included is an extensive reference library with quick access to certification standards, advisory circulars, regulations, a CFI endorsement guide, and more.

Instructors can enroll in the FIRC by first creating a free account at For added convenience, CFIs can choose paperless ACR service. For just $49.95, Sporty’s will process all renewal paperwork from within the course and issue a temporary certificate—eliminating the need for a trip to the local FSDO. Ground instructors may also receive a graduation certificate to meet the recent experience requirements.

Medium resolution pictures for online:

High resolution pictures for print:

Download hi-res image of the TOCSIN 4 CO Detector (cockpit)

Download hi-res image of the TOCSIN 4 CO Detector (front)

Download hi-res image of the TOCSIN 4 CO Detector (back)