New Limited Edition Diecast Models Available from Sporty’s

Meticulously crafted collection showcases iconic aircraft

Cessna 172 diecast model

The Cessna 172M Skyhawk model was inspired by an aircraft manufactured in 1974 and now owned by the Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club.

Pilots and aviation enthusiasts will enjoy these limited-edition diecast models from Sporty’s. Crafted with precision and passion, Sporty’s diecast models boast unparalleled accuracy and authenticity.

The Cessna 172M Skyhawk model was inspired by an aircraft manufactured in 1974 and now owned by the Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club. Originally test-flown in 1955 and still in production today, more Skyhawks have been manufactured than any other aircraft in history. This model features detailed printed graphics, realistic landing gear, see-through flight deck, and even a rotating propeller. 

The second edition of the diecast Piper J-3 Cub line is replicated from a Piper Cub stationed at the Flying W Airport (N14) in Lumberton, New Jersey.  This airplane is owned and operated by Joe Costanza, an airline pilot and avid Cub flier. Costanza (@Bananasssssssss) has a prominent YouTube and Instagram presence.

Piper Cub diecast model

The Cub is modeled from a 1941 JF-65.

The Cub is modeled from a 1941 JF-65, originally powered by a Franklin engine but later equipped with a Continental A-65-8 and a Sensenich wooden propeller. One of the most influential airplanes of all time, the iconic Cub is one of general aviation’s true classics. Initially manufactured from 1938-1947, more than 20,000 Cubs were built—and many are still flying today.

“Our goal is to celebrate the legacy of aviation and inspire a new generation of pilots and enthusiasts with these aviation treasures,” said Sporty’s Director of Aviation Products, Doug Ranly. “With our meticulously crafted diecast models, we aim to evoke the wonder of flight while paying homage to the iconic aircraft that have shaped aviation history.”

Both limited edition diecast models include a display stand that allows you to customize the flight configuration. The Cessna Skyhawk and Piper Cub models are 1:72 scale replicas and measure about 4” in length with a wingspan of 6”. 

The 2024 Limited Edition Cessna Skyhawk [7907] and the Piper J-3 Cub [8135] diecast models are available for $54.99 each. You may purchase the Skyhawk online at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.  

Additional photos:

Cessna 172 diecast model

The Cessna 172 diecast model includes a display stand.

Cessna 172 diecast model

The Cessna 172 diecast model features detailed printed graphics, realistic landing gear, see-through flight deck, and even a rotating propeller.

Piper Cub diecast model

The Piper Cub diecast model includes a display stand.

Piper Cub diecast model

The Piper Cub diecast model features detailed printed graphics, realistic landing gear, see-through flight deck, and even a rotating propeller.

iPad Cleaning Cloth Enhances the Pilot Experience

Cloth doubles as an important flight resource

Pilot's iPad Cleaning Cloth

The iPad Cleaning Cloth can be used for all of your aircraft’s screens and also functions as a flight resource with important reference information printed on both sides.

The iPad has become an indispensable flight deck resource, and keeping it clean is important for performance, hygiene and safety. Sporty’s offers the Pilot’s iPad Cleaning Cloth to ensure a clear display and prevent the buildup of dirt and fingerprints.

Dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate on the screen and buttons, which can hinder performance or cause malfunctions over time. Regular cleaning helps ensure the smooth operation of your device and extends its longevity. Additionally, touchscreens can harbor bacteria and germs, especially if you use your iPad frequently, touch it with unwashed hands, or share it with multiple users. Regular cleaning can reduce the spread of germs and keep your device hygienic.

“A clean iPad offers a better user experience,” remarked Sporty’s Director of Aviation Products, Doug Ranly. “A smudge-free screen makes it easier to see critical, flight-related information, and responsive buttons and ports improve reliability.”

The iPad Cleaning Cloth can be used for all of your aircraft’s screens and also functions as a flight resource with important reference information printed on both sides. Pilots can instantly access basic VFR weather minimums, cruising altitudes, intercept procedures and more. Sporty’s exclusive iPad PreFlight Checklist printed on the cleaning cloth will help to ensure the iPad is ready to fly.

A single Pilot’s iPad Cleaning Cloth [1730A] is available for $4.95 or fill your flight bag by purchasing three or more for $3.95. You may purchase at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS. 

Additional photos:

Pilot's iPad Cleaning Cloth

Keeping your iPad clean is important for performance, hygiene and safety.

Pilot's iPad Cleaning Cloth.

The Pilot’s iPad Cleaning Cloth serves as an important flight resource with information printed on both sides.

Flight Gear Bite Light Offers Hands-Free Flight Deck Illumination

Innovative flashlight provides dual illumination with bright white light and gentle red light

Bite Lite

Bite Light offers hands free flight deck illumination.

Having both hands available on the flight deck is essential, so using a hand to hold a flashlight can compromise safety. The Flight Gear Bite Light was specifically designed to solve this problem with an innovative silicone bite ring on the back so the light can be comfortably held in your mouth, freeing up your hands for other important tasks.

The unique features don’t stop there, because pilots require a bright white light for preflight and postflight activities, as well as a soft red light for flight deck operations. Independent switches for these two modes of illumination on the Bite Light ensure you select the light that’s appropriate for your needs.

The ultra-bright light selection will pierce the darkness with 500 lumens–perfect for preflight on a dark ramp—or you can choose to dim the light to conserve battery life. The gentle red light selection also provides two levels of brightness, all while preserving your night vision.

“Pilots are typically reaching for their flashlight during a critical situation such as an electrical failure, when having both hands available is a necessity,” says Sporty’s Director of Aviation Products Doug Ranly. “The Bite Light solves this problem without having to chomp down on metal.”

Pilots can forget about the hassle of batteries, as the Bite Light offers the convenience and dependability of a rechargeable battery, featuring USB Type-C charging. Measuring less than 5” long, the durable, yet compact, Bite Light can fit in your pocket, so it’s always within reach.

Sporty’s Flight Gear Bite Light [6743A] is available for $49.95 and may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Additional photos:

bite light

Bite Lights is hands-free for added safety.


Bite Light

Bite Light offers a soft red light to preserve night vision.

Bite Light

Bite Light offers the convenience of rechargeable batteries.

Bite Light

Bite Light is compact, yet durable.

February is IFR Month at Sporty’s

IFR month will highlight instrument flying with new content and product specials 

Throughout the month of February, Sporty’s will be celebrating IFR Month, a month-long focus on the challenges and rewards of instrument flying. In addition to special savings on pilot gear, Sporty’s will offer interactive webinars, articles, instrument flying videos, and answers to common IFR questions. The goal is to encourage pilots to earn their instrument rating, get current, and enjoy more utility from their pilot certificate.

“Instrument flying has always been important to Sporty’s, beginning with Founder Hal Shevers and his innovative three-day ground school in the early 1960s,” said Sporty’s President John Zimmerman. “We’re excited to celebrate IFR Month as a way of building on that heritage and encouraging pilots to explore the fascinating world of instrument flight.”

IFR Month will be celebrated across Sporty’s Media Network including Flight Training Central, Sporty’s Air Facts, iPad Pilot News and Sporty’s Product PIREPS blog. Each will include articles, videos, and quizzes on instrument flying topics. Webinar topics include passing the instrument rating knowledge test, using home flight simulators for instrument proficiency and a fun, fast-paced 20 question test of your IFR knowledge.

Limited time IFR Month specials will be available on a variety of products, including Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course. This comprehensive course, newly updated for 2024, is available on virtually all mobile platforms and includes engaging IFR training, free lifetime updates, dedicated test preparation modules, and an extensive IFR reference library.

Sporty’s is offering a series of IFR video tips and other free resources and special savings from Pilot Workshops. Additionally, Sporty’s will be featuring the YouTube video series, “IFR Insights,” hosted by airshow pilot and instrument flight instructor Spencer Suderman. In each episode, Suderman shows how to use modern tools to make IFR flying safer and easier. Sporty’s team of flight instructors will also be answering common instrument flying questions daily on everything from getting rated to staying current.

“There will be something for all experience levels during IFR Month,” said Zimmerman. “Whether it’s preparing for the instrument written test, using a simulator to get current, or just flying a precision approach, there’s always something to learn or perfect in instrument flying.”

Sporty’s IFR Month runs from February 1 through February 29. For more information, and a complete list of content, events and specials, visit

Medium resolution pictures for online:

IFR low approach

ILS approach with runway lights

IFR YouTube video series with Spencer Suderman


Call for Entries: The Sixth Annual Richard Collins Writing Prize for Young Pilots

The Richard Collins family has once again partnered with Sporty’s to offer The Richard Collins Writing Prize for Young Pilots. To qualify, the writer must be a pilot (including student pilot) who is 24 years of age or younger.

AeroWear, A Premium Apparel Brand From Sporty’s, Launches New Styles

A new collection of polo shirts is now available from AeroWear™, with five vibrant styles to choose from. This upscale apparel brand, available exclusively from Sporty’s, combines modern performance fabrics with tasteful aviation styling. AeroWear offers a refreshing and inclusive approach, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to experience the exciting world of aviation. These shirts are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office, an afternoon on the golf course, or a long day in the cockpit.

Keep Flying and Charging while Using Your iPhone

The updated Flight Gear Backup Battery is the ultimate solution for pilots who need to keep their mobile devices powered up on the flight deck. This “baby brother” version of the popular 20,000mAh battery is lighter, smaller and more versatile. About the size of an iPhone, it has a capacity of 10,000mAh and can fit in any flight bag or pocket.

Sporty’s Awards Pilot Training+ Scholarship

An Ohio native, Christopher Barns knew during his high school years that flying was for him. After investigating several collegiate-based aviation programs, Christopher ultimately joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Following his USMC service, Christopher earned a bachelor’s degree from Millersville University in meteorology, an interest he developed through his aviation pursuits.  

New Flight Gear Survival Tool Available from Sporty’s

Sporty’s Flight Gear Survival Tool is a 13-in-1 aviation multitool, which is designed to be a versatile companion for aviation and emergency situations. This specialty tool combines several functions into a single compact device, so it takes up less space and is always available to help.

Sporty’s Partners with LIFT Academy

Sporty’s has partnered with LIFT Academy, a flight training program owned by Republic Airways, to provide Sporty’s award-winning, online training courses to LIFT Academy students. This collaboration between Sporty’s and LIFT Academy grants students access to a range of valuable learning resources including Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course, Instrument Rating Course, Commercial Pilot Course, and Sporty’s Garmin G1000 Checkout Course.