Bite Lite

Flight Gear Bite Light Offers Hands-Free Flight Deck Illumination

Innovative flashlight provides dual illumination with bright white light and gentle red light

Bite Lite

Bite Light offers hands free flight deck illumination.

Having both hands available on the flight deck is essential, so using a hand to hold a flashlight can compromise safety. The Flight Gear Bite Light was specifically designed to solve this problem with an innovative silicone bite ring on the back so the light can be comfortably held in your mouth, freeing up your hands for other important tasks.

The unique features don’t stop there, because pilots require a bright white light for preflight and postflight activities, as well as a soft red light for flight deck operations. Independent switches for these two modes of illumination on the Bite Light ensure you select the light that’s appropriate for your needs.

The ultra-bright light selection will pierce the darkness with 500 lumens–perfect for preflight on a dark ramp—or you can choose to dim the light to conserve battery life. The gentle red light selection also provides two levels of brightness, all while preserving your night vision.

“Pilots are typically reaching for their flashlight during a critical situation such as an electrical failure, when having both hands available is a necessity,” says Sporty’s Director of Aviation Products Doug Ranly. “The Bite Light solves this problem without having to chomp down on metal.”

Pilots can forget about the hassle of batteries, as the Bite Light offers the convenience and dependability of a rechargeable battery, featuring USB Type-C charging. Measuring less than 5” long, the durable, yet compact, Bite Light can fit in your pocket, so it’s always within reach.

Sporty’s Flight Gear Bite Light [6743A] is available for $49.95 and may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

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bite light

Bite Lights is hands-free for added safety.


Bite Light

Bite Light offers a soft red light to preserve night vision.

Bite Light

Bite Light offers the convenience of rechargeable batteries.

Bite Light

Bite Light is compact, yet durable.