AeroWear, A Premium Apparel Brand From Sporty’s, Launches New Styles

Designed for the modern pilot, open to all enthusiasts

A new collection of polo shirts is now available from AeroWear™, with five vibrant styles to choose from. This upscale apparel brand, available exclusively from Sporty’s, combines modern performance fabrics with tasteful aviation styling. AeroWear offers a refreshing and inclusive approach, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to experience the exciting world of aviation. These shirts are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office, an afternoon on the golf course, or a long day in the cockpit.

The new AeroWear polo collection takes pilot apparel to new heights, with a focus on comfort and functionality. Each shirt is crafted with precision, employing performance fabrics that breathe, stretch, and move with your body to ensure unparalleled comfort—no matter the activity. The exclusive designs not only capture the essence of aviation but also express the individuality of the wearer, allowing you to make a statement both in the air and on the ground.

Key features of the AeroWear polo collection include:

Premium fabric blends: AeroWear shirts are created using premium fabric blends, carefully selected to provide ultimate comfort and durability. They are breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and perfect for active lifestyles.
UPF 30 protection: Understanding the importance of sun protection, AeroWear incorporates UPF 30 technology into the fabric to shield pilots from harmful UV rays pilots are exposed to on the flight deck.

Sunglasses holder pocket: Recognizing pilots’ need for easy access to their sunglasses, select AeroWear styles include a dedicated pocket designed to securely hold sunglasses.

A passion for aviation extends far beyond the flight deck, so AeroWear products are made for anyone interested in airplanes—regardless of whether they hold a pilot’s license. “We are thrilled to introduce AeroWear, a collection that celebrates the spirit of aviation while being accessible to all,” said Branden Thompson, AeroWear Brand Manager. “These shirts are a great way to elevate your style without sacrificing premium features.”

AeroWear shirts are available for $59.99, and the growing collection offers a wide range of styles and sizes. To order, visit or call Sporty’s at 1.800.SPORTYS.

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