Sporty’s Introduces Air Scan® Radio with Bluetooth


Listen to Spotify and local aviation traffic at the same time with Aviation Interrupt

Sporty’s all-new Air Scan radio/scanner can easily pair to a smartphone or iPad for playing music from your favorite app while Aviation Interrupt™ alerts you to any aviation transmissions on your preferred frequencies. Perfect for your home office, the desk at your FBO, or your workbench in the hangar, the Air Scan is an easy way to monitor aviation traffic while still listening to your favorite music or sports.

With Aviation Interrupt, the Air Scan silently scans up to 10 preset frequencies for activity. When a signal is detected on any of these frequencies, the music or other programming is interrupted and the aviation transmission is played. When the transmission ends, the Air Scan returns you to what you were listening to prior to the transmission.

“Sporty’s very first product in 1961 was a Realtone radio that Sporty’s founder, Hal Shevers, modified to receive aviation transmissions,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Since then, we’ve done various versions of desktop aviation scanners, and this latest model has the features that made the previous one so popular — namely, Aviation Interrupt — but in a completely new design and with a number of modern enhancements.”

One of the enhancements is the Bluetooth feature of the Air Scan. Bluetooth allows you to add aviation communications to almost anything you listen to on your smartphone including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. You can also plug your phone, computer or tablet into your Air Scan using the aux-in jack, or tune in your favorite stations with the built-in AM/FM radio. There’s even an external speaker jack, so you can connect the Air Scan to your surround sound system or an airport speaker.

“Even if you aren’t listening to music, the Air Scan makes a great aviation radio,” adds Zimmerman. “You can scan the entire airband frequency range or just the 10 memory channels for activity.”

With the holidays approaching, Sporty’s Air Scan makes a great gift for pilots and non-pilots alike. Planespotters, individuals too young for flight training, and armchair aviation buffs will all enjoy being part of the aviation action with Air Scan.

The Air Scan package [5173A] includes the Air Scan radio, 110V wall plug, telescoping BNC antenna and user guide and is available for $139.95 by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at




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