Sporty’s Launches 2023 Pilot Training Courses

Now includes Mac app, interactive FARs, and free CFI tools

Sporty’s award-winning pilot training courses are updated for 2023 with a number of significant enhancements that make training more engaging and more efficient. Updates for 2023 include new platforms, new resources, new videos, and new CFI tools.

New Mac app and CarPlay app

An all-new version of Sporty’s Pilot Training app is now available for Apple computers, allowing pilots to access courses natively on a Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro. Designed to work with or without an internet connection, the Mac app automatically saves test prep components for offline use and videos can be downloaded to the Mac’s hard drive.

CarPlay integration has been added to the iOS version of the Pilot Training app, perfect for hands-free studying in CarPlay-equipped vehicles. “Sporty’s courses are a natural fit for CarPlay,” says Sporty’s Senior Vice President Bret Koebbe. “Our app allows pilots to listen to the audio training segments from any course, perfect for reviewing a segment after you’ve watched the video or for brushing up on today’s flight lesson topic while you drive to the airport.” 

Interactive training resources

A number of new training resources have also been added for 2023. The most noticeable addition is an interactive Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) tool. Sporty’s FAR database is continually updated every time pilots log in, so the course always shows the latest information. Navigating through the sections is lightning fast and a search box makes it easy to find regulations on specific topics.

Each Sporty’s course includes a comprehensive training syllabus, now enhanced with quick access to suggested study resources like video segments and FAA manuals. Video sections have also been upgraded, with a Related Content tab that links to helpful resources for pilots who want to dive deeper, including additional videos, helpful websites, and FAA publications.

Sporty’s courses are famous for their real world videos, and there are plenty of new segments for the 2023 edition. Detailed lessons include: how to complete a nav log, how to use a plotter with a sectional chart, step-by-step instructions for making calculations with both electronic and manual E6B, preflight weather briefing tips, and an introduction to glass cockpits. Throughout the videos, the focus is on practical skills, not rote memorization.

Free flight instructor tools

Flight instructors enjoy free access to a suite of powerful tools on Sporty’s Pilot Training platform, including a document library and templates for common endorsements. CFIs can also monitor the progress of their students in Sporty’s courses, including video segments and test prep sessions. Detailed reporting makes it easy to review missed questions during a ground lesson, and CFIs can also watch the entire course to stay in sync on key topics.

“The Covid-19 pandemic taught many flight students and instructors that remote ground school lessons are now a possibility,” says Koebbe. “Sporty’s 2023 courses are taking this idea to the next level, with support for Apple’s unique SharePlay feature.”

SharePlay, available for devices running iOS 15.1 or later, allows two people to watch the same video while on a FaceTime call together. The app syncs video playback and controls, so both people see the same thing at the same time. Smart volume means a student and instructor can talk while the video is playing—perfect for discussing complicated flight training lessons.

Sporty’s courses also integrate with many popular flight training tools, including Flight Schedule Pro, AOPA Flight Training Advantage, and Redbird GIFT. 

Lifetime access

All of these upgrades join an already impressive list of features, including over 25 hours of HD and 4K video, powerful test prep tools, a comprehensive document library, and unlimited practice tests. Pilots can even earn an automatic flight instructor endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test when complete. All Sporty’s courses work on a wide variety of devices, including online, iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, and smart TVs—and progress automatically syncs between devices.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course [E1753A], Instrument Rating Course [E4200A], and Commercial Pilot Course [E249A] may be purchased for $279 each at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS. Free lifetime updates are included with each course.

High resolution pictures for print:

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