Sporty’s Awards Latest Pilot Training+ Scholarship

Commercial pilot and flight instructor earns $2,500 award

Mike Petrucci has been enamored with aviation from a very early age. His father would take him to airshows and help foster his passion for flight. A close family friend, who was a pilot and operated a charter business, further encouraged his interest in aviation. And a Young Eagles flight in 1998 was the final push Mike needed to know that he wanted to be a pilot.

It was later in life, after feeling somewhat unfulfilled in other positions, that Mike decided to make aviation his profession. With the full support of his family, Mike went to Indianapolis to dive into flight school full time at LIFT Academy, where he would go on to earn his certificates through Multiengine Commercial Pilot and CFII. Upon graduation, Mike returned home to Delaware where he works as a flight instructor building flight time and mentoring aspiring pilots with a goal of becoming an airline pilot.

“As I’m just starting my career in aviation, it’s important to me that I never stop learning, improving my craft, and honing my skill set,” remarked Petrucci. “I take flying very seriously and would like to obtain my high-performance endorsement and possibly build some additional multi-engine time with the award.”

Sporty’s Pilot Training+ is an all-inclusive membership that unlocks Sporty’s complete library of award-winning video-based courses for one annual fee. Membership also includes the opportunity to apply for three, $2,500 scholarships awarded annually.

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