Sporty’s Continues its Christmas Tradition

This year’s ornament features the Ercoupe

Sporty’s Crystal Christmas Ornament is an annual tradition for pilots, flight schools, FBOs, and aviation enthusiasts. This year’s ornament, the 38th in the series, features the Ercoupe.

The Ercoupe is an American low-wing monoplane aircraft that was first flown in 1937. Its iconic design is highly recognizable on any ramp, and the lack of rudder pedals was a revolutionary innovation at the time. The Ercoupe was the first aircraft certified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) as “characteristically incapable of spinning” leading to the marketing of the “World’s safest plane.” Over 5600 Ercoupes were produced between 1940 and 1969, with many still flying today.

Sporty’s custom-etched Ercoupe includes a bright red ribbon for hanging and is boxed for gift giving. Sporty’s 2022 Crystal Christmas Ornament [9833A] is available for $24.95 and may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

High resolution pictures for print:

Download hi-res image of Sporty’s 2022 Crystal Christmas Ornament