You’ve Got a Friend in Sporty’s Study Buddy Apps

You’ve Got a Friend in Sporty’s Study Buddy Apps

Sporty’s Study Buddy apps have added new content and features, making them an even better tool to study for the FAA knowledge tests, no matter where you are. Study Buddies are available for Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, Instrument Pilot and Remote Pilot tests. All four apps are available for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

The latest update adds more than 200 new FAA test prep questions to the apps, each with detailed explanations covering why each answer is correct or incorrect written by Sporty’s team of expert CFIs. What’s more, each question includes an interactive link to the supporting FAA reference handbook or appropriate resource, for further study.

Another enhancement to the Study Buddy is that a user can now save a partially-finished session and resume it at a later time, along with the ability to review the results from all previously graded sessions. The Remote Pilot Study Buddy adds instructions on how to prepare for the Remote Pilot Recurrent Exam which is required every 24 calendar months to exercise privileges under FAR Part 107.

“We suggest that pilots begin studying with the app’s Learning Mode which focuses on specific topics, with the app providing real-time feedback with each answer you submit,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “Then the Flashcard Mode provides an advanced study option that allows pilots to study questions without seeing answer selections at first, to prepare without being distracted by incorrect answers. Finally, you’ll move on to the Test Mode which simulates the actual FAA test, with the same number of questions and time limits as the real thing.”

Sporty’s Study Buddies range in price from $14.99 to $19.99 and may be instantly downloaded at


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