Affordable Drill-Powered Aircraft Tug Available

Affordable Drill-Powered Aircraft Tug Available

GoTow Tug Works With and Without Wheel Pants

The GoTow is a drill-powered tug, constructed from lightweight aluminum. To operate the GoTow, the operator stands on a platform, providing the needed weight for the drive wheel, while a heavy-duty drill (sold separately) provides the power needed to move your airplane. The steerable wheel makes it easy to maneuver in tight places.

The GoTow works with most Cessna, Cirrus and Van’s aircraft without additional adapters and has an adjustable height and width to accommodate different aircraft. With an available adapter, the GoTow can be used with many other aircraft including models from Piper, Lancair, and Beech.

“An aircraft tug doesn’t have to weigh a ton, nor cost a ton,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “The GoTow is lightweight, powerful and steerable.”

Two carrying handles make positioning and attaching the GoTow easy. Two wheels on the back of the platform allow you to roll the GoTow to and from the nose wheel. The GoTow works with a power drill of 18V or greater with a ½” chuck and boasts a typical tow speed of 12 ft/min on the drill’s low setting and 42 ft/min on the drill’s high setting. The maximum airplane weight for the GoTow is 3600 lbs.

The GoTow Drill-powered Tug [#10296A] is available for $1,695 by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at


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