Sporty’s Sweepstakes Cub Could Be at a Fly-In Near You

2017 winner using new aircraft to spread his love of flying

Sporty’s 2017 Legend Cub Sweepstakes winner, Doug Marchant.

Sporty’s 2017 Legend Cub Sweepstakes winner, Doug Marchant, fell in love with aviation as a young child and now he has a new airplane to help share his passion. Since winning the airplane in May, Doug and the Legend Cub have been frequent visitors to fly-ins and other aviation events.

Doug’s aviation journey started young. His older brother worked as a lineman at the local airport and Doug would follow him to work. This led to his first airplane ride in a Cherokee 140 when he was twelve years old, which only increased his interest in aviation. He followed in his brother’s footsteps and began working at the airport. Doug would go on to earn an A&P rating, which he would use to pursue a career in aviation maintenance.

In May of this year, Doug received a call from Michael Wolf, Sporty’s President and CEO, telling him that he had won the Sporty’s Legend Cub Sweepstakes. He was not convinced and would later call Sporty’s to confirm that he was indeed the winner. With a friend in Cincinnati, Doug initially thought the whole episode was a prank.

It was not a prank, and Doug enjoyed a visit to Sporty’s with some flying friends, followed by a fun flight home to New York in the Cub. He says, “Winning the Cub Sweepstakes did not occupy one cell in my brain, so as you can imagine, it was an amazing and completely unexpected surprise. Who ever wins an airplane?”

Since landing at its new home, the Cub has attended several fly-ins and given many rides, some to first timers. As Doug remarked, “What better way to experience small plane flying for the first time than a Cub?”

Wherever it goes, there are many questions about Sporty’s and the Cub. Keep an eye out for the bright yellow taildragger wherever you fly.





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