Decorate with a Warbird

Every pilot dreams of flying a warbird like the F4U Corsair. Until that day happens, you can still dream of it when you see Sporty’s Corsair Shelf hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk.

2012 National Aviation Explorer Scholarships Awarded

The National Aviation Exploring Committee recently awarded scholarships to ten Explorers based on a variety of criteria including aviation career goals, community service and leadership. The 2012 scholarships and their recipients are as follows:

Sporty's Building

A Memorable Week at Sporty’s Flight School

Ideal fall weather in the Midwest made for a memorable week of first solos and certificates at Sporty’s Flight School at Clermont County Airport (I69). During the week, Sporty’s celebrated 4 first solos, 2 Private Pilot Certifications, 2 Commercial Pilot Certifications and a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

Unless You Want Another Sweater, Tell Your Family about Sporty’s Gift Guide

Sporty’s Gift Guide makes it easier for a friend or loved one to buy you a holiday gift. Many items pilots would love to unwrap are divided into groups to make gift selection easy.

Hal Shevers Receives Chamber of Commerce Award

Sporty’s Founder and Chairman Hal Shevers received the Edward J. Parish Pacesetter Award, presented by the Clermont County, Ohio Chamber of Commerce on November 8.

Everyone Needs Sporty’s EZPlotter

Sporty’s offers the EZPlotter as the easiest plotter available. To use the EZPlotter, simply place it on top of the departure airport on a sectional chart and move the arm to the destination. The plotter will display the distance and course to your destination – no calculations required.

Flight Gear Headset Case Ideal for Traveling Light

Sporty’s Flight Gear Headset Case is the most compact pilot bag available, and it’s designed for today’s pilots to store everything you need for a flight. This lightweight compact bag has specially designed pockets for a headset, iPad, transceiver and more.

Have Yourself a Merry [Aviation] Christmas

Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for an aviation buff or want to decorate your own home, Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection has an array of items that are both aviation-themed and holiday-themed.

Have a Bit of Fun in the Cockpit

Amuse your passengers with these Humorous Placards from Sporty’s. Designed to look just like their real counterparts, these signs will keep nervous flyers relaxed.