Sporty’s Will Award Legend Cub for 2013 Sweepstakes

Sporty’s has chosen the Legend Cub as the airplane for its 2013 Sweepstakes, 75 years after William Piper founded his iconic aircraft company. For more than 20 years Sporty’s has awarded a brand new airplane to a lucky customer.

Sporty's Fly-in

Eighth Annual Sporty’s Fly-In Draws Record Crowds

Thanks in part to an ideal day for both flying and strolling around a beautiful general aviation airport, Sporty’s annual fly-in drew more than 1000 attendees, arriving both by car and by airplane.

Richard Collin's Weather Flying App

Learn Weather Flying from Richard Collins with Four New Apps

Each season presents different weather scenarios general aviation pilots must face. In this four-part weather flying series, now available for iPad and iPhone, general aviation weather expert Richard Collins breaks down the challenges and opportunities for flying in seasonal weather conditions.

Pint-Size, but Powerful: Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit

Sporty’s has assembled the perfect cleaning kit to keep in your airplane. One pint containers of an assortment of high quality cleaning supplies will ensure your airplane gleams even after a long flight

No More Dreading the “Low Battery” Warning

Pilots have plenty of batteries to keep charged these days, from iPads to smartphones to portable ADS-B receivers. Many of these gadgets require special high amp charging devices, and Sporty’s now offers a complete selection of pilot-tested gear to meet these needs.

Sporty's Solo Plaque

Commemorate a First Solo with this custom Plaque from Sporty’s

Whether it’s your own first solo or that of a friend or family member, Sporty’s First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque will forever keep that memory vivid.


Introducing Stratus: Portable In-Flight Weather for the iPad

Sporty’s has introduced the first completely wire-free weather receiver for the iPad–and it requires no monthly subscription. Stratus combines an ADS-B and GPS receiver into a single unit that wirelessly streams NEXRAD radar, text weather, TFRs and aircraft position to the popular ForeFlight Mobile app for iOS devices.

NFlightcam mounted on window

Record Your Flights with NFlightcam Cockpit Video Cameras

These easy-to-use HD cameras are perfect for sharing your passion for flight with others. The NFlightcam is compact and totally portable, so you can take it on every flight: record your landing at a unique airport, preserve the memory of your first solo cross-country or post an aerobatic flight to YouTube. These cameras are also […]

2012 Sun'n Fun App

Free Sun ‘n Fun App Available from Sporty’s

Sporty’s, in partnership with Sun ‘n Fun, has created a mobile app for the 2012 show, which is now available for both Apple and Android devices.