Have Yourself a Merry [Aviation] Christmas

Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection gets you in the holiday mood

Wright Bros. Collection is the headquarters for aviation-themed holiday gifts.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for an aviation buff or want to decorate your own home, Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection has an array of items that are both aviation-themed and holiday-themed.

You’ll put a smile on your favorite child’s face – or on your own – with the World’s Fair Biplane Ride Carousel.  First, the Carousel is a music box that plays 25 musical standards such as Danny Boy and Stars and Stripes Forever. Half of the selections are holiday tunes such as Jingle Bells and Joy to the World. As the music plays, the five biplanes circle the ride. The Carousel includes a fabric roof, ticket booth and miniature people and measures 10” high and 9” in diameter. [# 6119W; $169.99]

Nutcrackers! Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection has them. One large (15” tall) and one small (10” tall) Barnstormer Nutcracker are hand-crafted in Germany of natural wood. Dressed in goggles, helmet and flight jacket and carrying a flight bag and propeller, the Barnstormer Nutcrackers are in the Christian Ulbricht style, perfect for any collection. [Large: #6344; $149.99. Small: #6411W; $94.99]

Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection also has an Airline Captain Nutcracker in two sizes. The small 5” model is a tree decoration while the larger 14” model functions as a true nutcracker. [5″: #3007W; $9.99. 14”: #5950W; $27.99. Both: B1028W; $36.99]

Bring aviation to your tabletop with the Santa and Airplane Salt and Pepper Set.  Handpainted and crafted from dolomite, the Salt and Pepper Set measures 4.5” by 2.5”.  These are working salt and pepper shakers and can also be used simply as decoration. [#6351W; $13.99]

Santa pilots a biplane in the Santa Biplane Ornament hand-crafted of wood and measuring 2” by 2”. This colorful ornament has a red string for easy hanging on your tree or get the Ornament Display Stand and have it on your desk or mantle. [Ornament: #6449W; $14.99. Stand: #3391W; $5.99]

The propellers and wheels spin on these Tin Airplane Ornaments that come in three models: Biplane [#6409W], DC-3 [#6348W]and Float Plane [#6371W]. These ornaments have gold thread for easy hanging and are $5.99 each or $4.99 for two or more.

All Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection products may be ordered on line at www.sportys.com or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS. Products ordered by Friday, December 21, 2012, may be delivered in time for Christmas.


Download hi res EPS of World’s Fair Biplane Ride Carousel

Download hi res EPS of Barnstormer Nutcracker

Download hi res EPS of Santa and Airplane Salt and Pepper Set

Download hi res EPS of Santa Biplane Ornament

Download hi res EPS of Tin Biplane Ornament

Download hi res EPS of Tin DC-3 Ornament

Download hi res EPS of Tin Float Plane Ornament