Sporty’s Awards Pilot Training+ Scholarship

“New” pilot focusing on quality, not quantity in training hours

Greg Webber grew up an outdoorsman near Boise, ID. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and even backcountry flying were a way of life. While Webber has spent a career in and around aviation working in firefighting, crew scheduling, operations, and more, he didn’t like the thought of the flight deck taking him away from his family. While not new to aviation, Webber is now at a point where he can make that dream of becoming a pilot a reality.

“In a sense, I never ‘caught’ the aviation bug because I’ve been around aviation my entire life and always loved airplanes,” remarked Webber, the recipient of Sporty’s latest $2,500 flight training scholarship through his membership in Sporty’s Pilot Training+ program.

Webber has a very specific goal of reaching 1,500 hours in less than 24 months, but with a focus on quality and diversity of training hours. “I explored career training academies, but ultimately decided I wanted a CFI with a variety of flying experience and one who understood my goals,” said Webber. “I’m very fortunate to have found that instructor at my local airport.”

Webber, a resident of Nyssa, OR, is training with a local CFI at the Parma Airport (50S) in Parma, ID. He is more than halfway through his Sporty’s Private Pilot online training, but just a few hours into his journey in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Beyond the Skyhawk, Webber intends to participate in glider and tailwheel flying and even explore seaplane flying in the future. He believes the diversity in his flying will make him a more well-rounded pilot.

Webber’s dream job after reaching 1,500 hours and earning his Airline Transport Pilot certificate is flying for SkyWest Airlines until the mandatory retirement age of 65—all while sharing his experience with others. After that, he will explore other opportunities outside of airline flying. After all, “the sky’s the limit!”

Sporty’s Pilot Training+ is an all-inclusive membership that unlocks Sporty’s complete library of award-winning video-based courses for one annual fee. Membership also includes the opportunity to apply for three, $2,500 scholarships awarded annually.

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