Sporty’s Course Offerings Expanded at California Aeronautical University

CAU Students Now Training with Sporty’s Private, Instrument and Commercial Courses

California Aeronautical University (CAU), a university flight school that is training the next generation of aviation professionals, has expanded its training partnership with Sporty’s Pilot Shop, implementing Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Training Course into its curriculum. With the addition of this course, CAU students are now using Sporty’s award-winning courses for the private, instrument and commercial certificates.

“The ability to deliver quality instruction to our students in a feature-rich, online format through Sporty’s delivers value to our students and provides a powerful tool for our instructors,” said CAU President Matt Johnston. “In addition, we are able to deliver instruction through Sporty’s courses as part of our FAA Part 141 offerings, making this a perfect suite for the university environment.”

CAU courses are delivered in a fast-paced, year-round schedule that enables students to enter the pipeline for aviation careers in a shorter amount of time. California Aeronautical University strives to provide an ideal learning environment to its students, and the expanded partnership with Sporty’s was a natural progression to investing in its students’ opportunities for success.

Sporty’s courses have helped tens of thousands of pilots learn to fly and earn additional ratings, and with the recent addition of the companion CFI Portal, there is even more opportunity for flight schools to integrate Sporty’s courses into their curriculum. Flight instructors can review video segments, track student study sessions, and access free training tools.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with CAU since the onset nearly four years ago,” said Sporty’s Vice President Mark Wiesenhahn. “We are honored they chose Sporty’s courses as the online aviation platform for their students, and we’ll continue to add new content and features to keep it the best course in aviation.”

Sporty’s partners with flight schools across the country who are interested in providing their students with comprehensive online instruction. Among the features flight schools find valuable are dynamic in-flight video, powerful test prep tools, flight instructor tracking, complete training syllabi, free lifetime updates and apps for multiple platforms.

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