Isaac Love-Jackson Earns Sporty’s Flight Crew Scholarship

Isaac Love-Jackson Earns Sporty’s Flight Crew Scholarship

Full-time student and aspiring airline pilot receives $2,500 award

Sporty’s Flight Crew Scholarship recipient, Isaac Love-Jackson (left) with instructor Marco Van Viegen.

Isaac Love-Jackson of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is the latest recipient of Sporty’s $2,500 Flight Crew Scholarship. Love-Jackson has been interested in being a pilot from as far back as he can remember, having grown up near an airport and watching airplanes almost daily. He worked hard to earn enough money to begin his flight training in 2018 with Wisconsin Aviation at Truax Field in Madison, Wisconsin. Isaac utilized his Flight Crew membership and online course access for his Instrument and Commercial training, having just earned his Commercial certification in early July.

Love-Jackson intends to utilize his award to pay down debt associated with his Commercial training and to get a head start on his CFI training. As a CFI, Love-Jackson intends to share the magic of aviation with others and acquire enough pilot experience to transition to a regional airline with the ultimate dream of flying for a legacy air carrier. “Being able to share aviation with others has been the most rewarding aspect of my aviation journey,” remarked Love-Jackson. “I especially love sharing the aviation experience with younger individuals to hopefully spark their interest in aviation.”

Sporty’s Chief Instructor, Eric Radtke, shared the news of his scholarship with Love-Jackson during a recent video chat.

Sporty’s Flight Crew is a three-level customer benefit program that rewards customers with access to training programs, unlimited free shipping, an on-call personal Sporty’s shopper, and more. The top two levels (gold and platinum) include the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 flying scholarship.

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