Sporty’s Updates Pilot Training Platform

Sporty’s Updates Pilot Training Platform

Updates include new test prep features and an improved video training experience for Android users

The latest update of Sporty’s award winning Pilot Training platform brings Sporty’s innovative test prep features to the Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot courses for Android phones and tablets. The update also improves the overall video training performance on Android devices.

In addition to being able to study specific categories of questions from Sporty’s proprietary database of over 2000 questions, the brand-new test prep interface allows Android users to create a custom study session or take a practice FAA test. Users can now study random groups of questions, only questions answered incorrectly or previously marked questions. The Android app now includes a new Smart Study Mode, which intelligently creates a session based on weak areas from previously graded sessions. A new Question Search function has also been added allowing users to find specific questions or topics to study using a quick keyword search.

When using Study Mode users have a new option to view each question as a flashcard presentation. This displays just the question and allows the user to focus on determining the correct answer, without the distraction of seeing incorrect answers. Each card can be visually flipped and the answer self-graded as correct or incorrect.

The new test prep function also includes a detailed Study History, showing past Study and Test session results, performance analysis, and the ability to start a new session from previously graded sessions.

The Video Training component in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for Android is also improved, with performance and visual improvements in the video player. The new interface now includes section notes and a complete digital transcript for each video segment in the Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot courses.

Sporty’s Pilot Training platform offers the largest selection of aviation training courses in the industry, from Private Pilot Training to advanced aircraft and avionics checkouts. Sporty’s provides the ultimate flexibility in training by allowing users to access their courses from the device that works best for them on any given day, including online, iPhone/iPad, Android and Smart TVs. Content is always up to date and course progress stays in sync across all platforms. For more information or to purchase a course please visit

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