Sporty’s Awards Flight Crew Scholarship

Sporty’s Awards Flight Crew Scholarship

Student pilot chasing his childhood dream receives $2,500 award

Sporty’s Flight Crew Scholarship recipient, Jake Phillips (right), and CFI, Tyler Kreidler, at Brandywine Flight School in front of his training airplane – a Piper Warrior.

While under quarantine in a small New York City apartment during the pandemic, Jake Phillips returned to his childhood dream of becoming a pilot as an escape from the isolation and enrolled in Sporty’s online Learn to Fly Course. After leaving New York for Chester Springs, PA, Phillips took the next step in fulfilling his dream by taking his first flight lesson.

As he nears his first solo, Phillips received a financial boost by earning a $2,500 scholarship awarded through his membership in Sporty’s Flight Crew program. “Flying has become a genuine passion and I hope to be able to share my passion for flying and the wisdom I develop along my journey,” remarked Phillips. “The Flight Crew Scholarship will be a tremendous assistance with my personal development through completion of my Private pilot certificate and on to my Instrument rating.”

Sporty’s Chief Instructor, Eric Radtke, surprised Phillips with the news of his scholarship award during a recent video chat, and, as you can see, Phillips was thrilled.

Sporty’s Flight Crew is a three-level customer benefit program that rewards customers with access to training programs, unlimited free shipping, an on-call personal Sporty’s shopper, and more. The top two levels (gold and platinum) include the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 flying scholarship.

It’s easy to enroll as a Sporty’s Flight Crew member by visiting