Sporty’s Better Barf Bag Makes a Bad time Better

Sporty’s Better Barf Bag Makes a Bad time Better

Say Goodbye to Spills and Unwanted Smells

Getting motion sickness in a small aircraft is not a pleasant experience and conventional air sickness bags only make matters worse. Having to pull a folded garbage bag out of a small paper envelope and then trying to use a twist tie to seal it up while bouncing around on a hot summer day is awful. The Better Barf Bag was designed by pilots who understand this.

Constructed with thick, heat-sealed plastic, this bag seals in the liquid with a zippered, leak-resistant top. The 2.5” gusseted bottom helps to increase capacity while giving the bag a solid base to keep upright when placed on the floor. The dark color of the bag helps to mask the contents.

“It’s not a glamorous product, but it’s one that needs to be easy to use and effective,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Having some Better Barf bags on board is a great insurance policy. They contain the mess rather than creating a bigger one.”

Each  Better Barf Bags [3695A] measures 8” x 8” and are available as a ten-pack for $6.50. All Sporty’s products may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

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