Sporty’s Launches “Ultimate Pilot Wish List” Just in Time for Christmas

Sporty’s Launches “Ultimate Pilot Wish List” Just in Time for Christmas

For the pilot who has everything, Sporty’s has three unique gift ideas

Finding the perfect aviation gift can be a daunting task, especially for those people who seem to snap up the latest headset or smartwatch as soon as it’s announced. This holiday season, Sporty’s has the answer for these hard-to-shop-for pilots, with a collection of three extraordinary gifts. From an aerobatic experience with Patty Wagstaff to a desk crafted from an MD-80, you can rest assured that they haven’t bought these already.

“We know how challenging it can be to find a memorable gift for an aviation enthusiast,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “That’s why we partnered with some of the most creative companies in aviation to create a dream list of gifts, sure to please even the pickiest pilots.”

For anyone who has dreamed of flying a loop, roll, or hammerhead during the afternoon airshow at AirVenture, Sporty’s is offering the next best thing with the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic Experience. This once-in-a-lifetime gift package puts you in the front seat of an Extra 300 showplane for an unforgettable flight with one of the world’s greatest aerobatic pilots. You’ll visit the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida, for one-on-one instruction with Patty herself. The package includes two online courses, two hours of ground school, two hours of flying with Patty, and some souvenirs to remember the flight. The complete package is available for $2,495.

If you’ve spent more time working from home this year, the Mad Dog Stabilizer Desk offers the ultimate upgrade, perfect for your next Zoom call. This stunning furniture is crafted from a retired American Airlines MD-80, rescued from the airplane boneyard in Roswell, New Mexico, by MotoArt.  Each Mad Dog Stabilizer Desk requires over 100 hours of labor to remove the elevator from the airplane, then acid wash, grind, and sand each section. Half-inch aluminum plate legs with a gusseted design are methodically welded together to enforce a strong and aesthetically striking base. The result is a shiny finish just like the classic American Airlines livery. The Mad Dog Stabilizer Desk is available for $16,500.

Finally, while the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been getting lots of attention, pilots know that the ultimate simulator experience is found in a full-motion training device. That’s now available, in the form of the Redbird MX2, a single pilot, small footprint simulator that brings full-motion capabilities to your home. Occupying as little as 9’x 12’ of floor space, the MX2’s electric motion platform and wrap-around visuals offer multi-million dollar realism at a price well under $100,000. It’s approved by the FAA as an AATD, allowing you to log the training you receive in the MX2.

“Of course, if your budget isn’t quite high enough for these fantasy gifts, we have plenty of other excellent gift options,” said Zimmerman. “From flashlights to flight bags to radios, everything we sell has been tested by our team of pilots.”

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