Sporty’s Introduces 2021 Learn to Fly Course

Sporty’s Introduces 2021 Learn to Fly Course

Updates include new online platform, flight simulator syllabus and document upload tool

The latest version of Sporty’s award winning Learn to Fly Course adds a host of features to help pilots save time and money during flight training. From passing the knowledge test to flying safely after the checkride, it’s a complete companion for student pilots and rusty pilots alike. The course is available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, and a one time purchase includes lifetime access.

“Now more than ever, a home study course is an important way for pilots to keep their skills sharp and customize their learning experience,” said Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “Our course is designed to be hassle-free: use it on any of your devices without ever worrying about progress syncing or subscriptions expiring.”

The heart of Sporty’s course has always been the 15+ hours of dynamic HD video that puts the viewer in the airplane, supplemented by sophisticated 3D animations. The 2021 edition continues this focus with plenty of new video, including segments on how to use flight following with air traffic control, how to plan a cross-country flight with an iPad, and how to use ForeFlight’s Imagery tab. Plus, dozens of smaller updates include the latest technology and regulation changes, so pilots are always up-to-date. The course even includes the latest airman testing updates from the FAA.

 New online features

Sporty’s online learning platform has been completely redesigned for 2021 to make it faster, easier to use, and completely mobile-friendly. Menus are easy to access on different screen sizes and video automatically streams at the highest quality possible, based on the internet connection.

Knowledge test prep tools have also been upgraded to be more versatile. Now pilots can build their own study sessions from any keyword. Just search for a topic and start studying relevant questions, pulled from Sporty’s exclusive database of over 1,000 test questions.

To extend flight training beyond the airplane, Sporty’s course now includes a detailed lesson guide for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by the flight instructors at Sporty’s Academy, this document includes tips for getting started, plus 14 suggested simulator training flights, complete with objectives, scenarios, tasks to accomplish, and performance goals to further enhance simulator flying.

 “We’ve seen tremendous interest in Microsoft’s new flight simulator program, and we believe it can be used as more than just a game,” said Radtke. “This new syllabus will help pilots go beyond fun flights and practice important maneuvers in a structured and thoughtful way.”

 Once a pilot has completed the video segments and test prep study sessions, Sporty’s enhanced flashcard mode is a great way to study for the knowledge test or checkride without seeing multiple choice answers. This feature allows pilots to digitally flip the cards and see how well important topics have been mastered while focusing on correct answer choices

 Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course includes dozens of helpful documents in the library section, from FAA textbooks to important Advisory Circulars. Now pilots can upload their own documents, whether it’s a scanned copy of an airplane’s manual or a flight school’s training documents. This is a simple and reliable way to keep all training materials in one place, and a solid backup.

New app features

Highlight an important segment of the training syllabus, type notes in the Airplane Flying Handbook, or draw helpful diagrams on an Advisory circular—it’s all possible with the new annotation tools in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS. Simply tap the pen icon at the top of the screen and to display a full suite of options. These intuitive controls work with or without an internet connection, and are available for any document in the Pilot Training app.

Another convenient addition to the Pilot Training app is dark mode. This changes the app layout to show light text on a dark background, which can reduce eye strain and extend battery life on your device (it also looks pretty cool).

Sporty’s course was the first to include a custom Apple TV app, perfect for watching video segments on a large screen TV. The latest version of Sporty’s Apple TV app has an all-new design that’s easier to use, but stays in sync with the iOS, Android, and online apps. It also includes the free Get Started course, packed with tips for finding a flight school and beginning your training.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course [E1753A] includes free lifetime updates and may be purchased for $249 at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS. Existing users have access to all new features and content automatically.


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