Sporty’s updates Cessna Skyhawk training fleet to TAA standards

Sporty’s updates Cessna Skyhawk training fleet to TAA standards

Garmin G5 installations replace antiquated vacuum systems

Sporty’s has upgraded its Cessna Skyhawk fleet to meet technically advanced aircraft (TAA) standards and provide greater safety and reliability to pilots. Dual Garmin G5 installations were recently completed, delivering bright LCD color instrument displays and a modern cockpit to its Cessna fleet.

Combining information from a number of traditional flight instruments, including attitude, airspeed, altitude, and more, the Garmin G5 attitude indicator makes flight information easier to scan so pilots can respond quickly and intuitively. The addition of the second G5 display for heading/HSI guidance, provides pilots with backup attitude redundancy. The secondary G5 will automatically revert to displaying attitude information in the unlikely event of a failure of the primary attitude indicator.

For added protection and safety, each G5 display is equipped with a backup lithium-ion battery providing 4 hours of emergency operation in case of electrical failure. The weight of the Skyhawks was reduced during the upgrade resulting in an increase in useful load.  This benefit was realized through the removal of vacuum pumps that supported the traditional attitude and heading indicator.

“Mechanical gyros don’t stand up well in the training environment,” said Sporty’s Academy Chief Instructor, Eric Radtke. “The dual, G5 installations are safer, deliver more information with better reliability, and provide our customers training flexibility with a TAA-equipped aircraft.”

The TAA Skyhawk fleet is now an option for Sporty’s students to fulfill the Commercial pilot training requirement of 10 hours in a complex airplane or TAA. Given that fewer aircraft are available that meet the definition of complex, Sporty’s TAA-equipped aircraft offer greater training flexibility at a more economical price. For an aircraft to be technically advanced, it must be equipped with an electronic primary flight display, multifunction display, and two-axis autopilot.

Sporty’s Cessna Skyhawk fleet is available for recreational to career pilot training and rentals. Pilot training is provided by Sporty’s flight school, Sporty’s Academy, an FAA Part 141-approved training academy based at the Clermont County Airport (I69) in Batavia, Ohio.

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