Sporty’s offers virtual fly-in to help pilots stay engaged

Sporty’s offers virtual fly-in to help pilots stay engaged

Learning opportunities, show specials, and video airshow all available this week

The Sun ‘n Fun Fun Aerospace Expo may be postponed until May, but Sporty’s is trying to help pilots get in the spring flying spirit while they’re at home. This week Sporty’s will be offering a variety of remote learning options, savings on popular pilot supplies, and even the chance to virtually ride along with airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff via YouTube.

“While some pilots are grounded right now, there are plenty of flying adventures to come later in the year,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “This is a great time to get ready for a return to the skies and we hope we can do our part to keep pilots connected to aviation.”

Sporty’s is providing a number of free resources to help pilots stay current. Pilot’s Guide to Airspace, an hour-long video course, is available at no charge for a limited time. It can be viewed online or in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS, Android, and smart TVs. There’s also a review quiz at the end, and the option to request FAA WINGS credit. Visit to sign up.

Sporty’s is hosting a live “Flying with the iPad” webinar on Thursday, April 2, at 2pm eastern. The latest tips about flying with electronic flight bag apps will be shared, including new iPad models and datalink weather strategies. Visit to sign up.

A number of new aviation YouTube videos have also been released for on-the-go learning, including a helpful Product PIREP video on using a home flight simulator and a new series, called Touch & Go, which offers quick tips on popular products. Visit to watch any of Sporty’s 250+ videos.

For pilots looking to upgrade their gear, Sporty’s is offering a number of “show specials.” The long list includes $50 off Sporty’s courses, a free Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker with the purchase of a Bose aviation headset, savings on Flight Gear bags, and much more. Visit to see the complete list.

Of course, pilots need to have some fun, too. While the Blue Angels aren’t flying this weekend, Sporty’s has partnered with aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff to film one of her breathtaking airshow routines. You can ride along with her as she performs snap rolls, lomcevaks, tailslides, and other stomach-churning maneuvers. For additional training, Sporty’s also offers an Intro to Aerobatics course with Wagstaff. Visit

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