Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course

Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course

Pilots are guaranteed to pass their knowledge test, oral exam, and checkride

Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial Pilot certificate, an essential step on the way to a job as a flight instructor or an airline pilot. Like all Sporty’s courses, the Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course includes multiple formats for the same low price: iPhone, iPad, Android, and online. Progress always stays in sync between formats, and course access never expires.

Sporty’s powerful test prep tools will help pilots ace the knowledge test, with an exclusive database of over 800 test questions. Pilots can choose individual categories or study random questions. “From the moment you begin answering questions, the course will learn your strengths and weaknesses,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “That’s when our Smart Study Session tool is so valuable: you can focus on those topics that need the most work and spend less time studying questions you already know.”

Passing the written test is only the first step, though, and Sporty’s course goes far beyond basic quizzes. The team of flight instructors at Sporty’s has created 420 detailed oral exam prep flashcards, which cover a wide variety of topics and display only the question. Click the flashcard to flip it over and see the answer, complete with a link for further study. Just like the knowledge test section, pilots can study only marked or missed flashcards, plus take Smart Study sessions for focused review. 

The course also includes a Checkride Checklist, which walks applicants through all the endorsements and documents needed for checkride day. This is an easy way to make a good first impression with the examiner.

The final step on the path to earning that new certificate is the flight test. Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course includes 36 video segments, with detailed animations describing exactly how to perform all the maneuvers on the checkride. From chandelles to lazy eights, each segment provides step-by-step instructions, Airman Certification Standards for successful completion, and common errors to avoid.

Finally, a complete document library is included, ideal for initial study or follow-up after the checkride. This includes the Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards, a complete flight training syllabus, relevant sections of the Airplane Flying Handbook, and much more.

When pilots have passed two practice tests with scores of 80%, the flight instructors at Sporty’s will automatically provide the required written test endorsement, so they can go right to the testing center.

Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course [#E249A] is available for $149.99. It can be accessed, along with all of Sporty’s course offerings, on Sporty’s award-winning Pilot Training platform. This provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing pilots to train using the device that works best on any given day: access online in a web browser or in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS and Android. Access to all platforms is included and course progress always stays in sync. For more information or to purchase a course please visit




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