Sporty’s Introduces Faro Stealth 2 Headsets

Sporty’s Introduces Faro Stealth 2 Headsets

Only Bluetooth-enabled passive headset now available

Offered exclusively by Sporty’s, the Faro Stealth Passive Headset is an affordable headset with an array of functions. The Stealth 2 is the only passive headset to offer full Bluetooth connectivity so the pilot may connect wirelessly to an iPad or smartphone to get aviation app notifications, listen to music, or even make phone calls. The Stealth 2 is perfect for picking up clearances at pilot-controlled airports or hearing a traffic callout from ForeFlight.

“Until now, the only way to have Bluetooth connectivity with a headset was to purchase an ANR model.  This feature is now available on the Passive Faro Stealth 2, allowing pilots to enjoy Bluetooth features at a substantial savings,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

Ultra-soft ear seals are more than twice as thick as other brands to provide maximum comfort with up to 26 dB noise reduction. The fully adjustable microphone boom is reversible and features a noise-canceling electret microphone that delivers crystal-clear communication.

The Stealth 2 features independently controlled volume levels to both the left and right ear with simple thumb wheels. Faro Stealth headsets also feature a stereo/mono switch so they are adaptable to most aircraft intercom systems.

“That means even if your intercom is mono, you’ll still hear music in stereo,” adds Zimmerman.

The Passive Faro Stealth 2 Headset (8255A) is available for $249.95.  Faro Stealth 2 is also available equipped with ANR (8509A) for $449.95. Either may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


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Download hi-res EPS of the Passive Faro Stealth 2 Headset

Download hi-res EPS of the ANR Faro Stealth 2 Headset

Download hi-res EPS of the Faro Stealth 2 (cockpit)