Flight Gear Headlamp Designed for Pilots

Flight Gear Headlamp Designed for Pilots

Ideal for those who prefer hands-free lighting

The Flight Gear Headlamp is ideal for pilots who fly between dusk and dawn. You can easily use this light while flying without it getting in the way.

“One of the biggest problems when using flashlights on the flight deck is overly powerful, blinding lights that ruin your night vision,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “You won’t have that issue thanks to independent switches for red and white LEDs.”

This headlamp features an independent switch for the red LEDs that controls two levels of brightness. The low-level red LED is ideal when you just need a touch of illumination in the cockpit. The high-level red LED is great to brighten up a larger space inside the plane without adversely effecting your night vision.

The other button on the headlamp controls the white LEDs. When you need maximum brightness, the Flight Gear Headlamp delivers. The first press of the button turns on the bright white floodlight. Perfect for pre-flight, the Flight Gear Headlamp lights a wide view of your surrounding area. With a second press of that button, the light changes to a spotlight function. A third press of the button will illuminate both the flood and the spotlight, providing the best possible brightness for the pilot.

In addition to the pilot-friendly light features, Sporty’s Flight Gear Headlamp is designed with a swivel head so that you can aim the light exactly where you want it. The comfortable headband on the light is adjustable and does not interfere with a headset.

Using three AAA batteries (not included), the Flight Gear Headlamp [7497A] is available for $19.95 and may be purchased at sportys.com or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


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Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear Headlamp (Head)

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear Headlamp

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s Flight Gear Headlamp (Red light)