Get Organized, Stay Organized in Flight

Get Organized, Stay Organized in Flight

Instant access to your ANR control box

Pilots will no longer have to fumble around the cockpit for an ANR control box. Whether it’s a Bose, Lightspeed or David Clark, the control box can be easily placed in this convenient mount, which is custom-designed for each brand of ANR headset.

The control holder mounts easily with the included Dual Lock™ fastener. This clever device makes the control box easy to find so you can activate it and adjust your headset. The holder can be mounted on any smooth interior surface near the headset jacks.

The ANR Control Holder was invented and designed – and is now being marketed – by 16-year old Ryan O’Toole, who observed his pilot-father struggling to find the control box in flight. When Ryan found nothing available online, he designed his own solution for his father. Word spread, and Ryan is using the profits from his invention for his own flight training.

The ANR Control Holder is available for the Bose A20 [#6297A] and the Bose X [#8224A]; the David Clark Pro X [#9361A]; and the Lightspeed Zulu [#8510A]. Each model ANR Control Holder is available for $40 each and may be ordered by calling 1-800-SPORTYS or at


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