Sporty’s Pilot Training App Adds New Test Prep Features, Expands Course Catalog

Sporty’s Pilot Training App Adds New Test Prep Features, Expands Course Catalog

App may be used on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Android devices

Pilots first download the Pilot Training app and then customize it for their individual mission, with 13 courses available for study. The app has recently added hundreds of new knowledge test prep questions for the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses, written by Sporty’s team of CFIs with direct links to the FAA reference source for further review.

“Since the FAA stopped releasing the test questions, pilots have relied on Sporty’s to provide accurate and comprehensive test preparation,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “Our goal has always been to prepare the entire pilot rather than just having rote memorization to answers. That’s how we can offer our ‘triple guarantee’ to pilots.”

One of the most popular features in the Pilot Training app is the ability to study on multiple devices, while keeping progress in sync. Both video progress and test prep scores are automatically synced between the iOS app, Android app, and online course.

“We want to remind users that if you review all the video content and score 80% or higher on two practice tests,” says Radtke, “you can request and earn a knowledge test endorsement immediately.”

The Pilot Training app continues to expand with new content, including a new course on flying with the Aspen Evolution avionics system. This course contains over 75 minutes of engaging animations, in-flight video and real-world tips on using the PFD and MFD displays. The Pilot Training app also includes the latest version of the Flying with ForeFlight course, showing how to use all the new features in aviation’s most popular EFB app.

Another new feature, just added, is a video download manager which allows you to save HD video segments so you can watch them when not online. Pilots can select multiple segments for download and move content on and off as needed.

“This makes it easy to watch the video segments when streaming isn’t an option or where an internet connection is not available,” says Radtke.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app may be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Individual courses range from $29.99 to $199.99, and may be purchased in the app or at