New Year’s Resolution: Understand 100% of My G1000

New Year’s Resolution: Understand 100% of My G1000

Sporty’s new course will get your there

Sporty’s Garmin G1000 Checkout Course is all new for 2019 and includes more than two hours of in-depth HD video training. You’ll learn how to use all of the G1000’s pilot-friendly features, starting with an overview of the system and how to preflight the various components. The course builds on the fundamental operating procedures of the G1000 and expands into advanced training topics covering Garmin datalink weather systems, FlightStream, Connext and the G1000 NXi.

“The G1000 is the most widely used glass cockpit avionics system in general aviation, but many pilots are not up to speed with everything the system can do and how to use it to its full potential,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke.

The Garmin G1000 Checkout course incorporates scenario-based training to show how to use the system in various flight environments, ranging from basic VFR up through complex IFR cross-country flights and RNAV instrument approaches. After mastering the core topics and how to control and interpret the PFD and MFD, you’ll learn how to use the integrated GFC-700 autopilot, ADS-B weather and traffic, electronic checklists and charts, and how to handle G1000 emergencies. The course also covers differences found in G1000 installations in other airplanes, like the Garmin Perspective+ system available for Cirrus airplanes.

“All this content is built slowly so a pilot doesn’t feel overwhelmed,” adds Radtke. “We use loads of video, loads of graphics and explain the G1000 simply and thoroughly.”

Any pilot who has bought an earlier G1000 course can access the updated version at no charge at

Sporty’s Garmin G1000 Checkout course [E111-OA] includes a G1000 training syllabus to use with your instructor, along with a final review quiz and official completion certificate for your training records. It is available for $99.99 and may be accessed online, or from an iPhone, iPad, Android or AppleTV using Sporty’s Pilot Training app.


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