Sporty’s Updates its Online FIRC

Paperless renewal service and new content added

Flight instructors have had the option of Sporty’s online FIRC, and now it’s even easier to renew your CFI. With the option of paperless ACR service, flight instructors who complete Sporty’s online FIRC have the option for Sporty’s to process their CFI renewal paperwork, and issue a temporary certificate.

In addition, hundreds of content updates have been made to Sporty’s FIRC to meet the latest FAA guidance. Content has been updated to include the latest general aviation technology. The updated FIRC provides links to Sporty’s and FAA’s resources as well as resources to share with students.

Sporty’s eFIRC is delivered in a convenient online format – universally accessible for PC, Mac, and mobile devices including iPad and Android platforms. There is no software to install. Simply log-in anywhere you have an internet connection and begin your flight instructor refresher training. The estimated time to complete the FIRC material and take the required final exam is approximately 16.5 hours.

“Sporty’s eFIRC was developed from scratch with today’s modern CFI in mind so you won’t find just a rehash of regulations and dry FOI theory,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “Rather, you’ll learn about topics pertinent to today’s flight training environment.”

Upon purchase, access to Sporty’s eFIRC [6481-OA] is available for one year for $99. To register, go to


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