Veteran Alaska Bush Pilot Shares Stories in New Book from Sporty’s

Mort Mason’s What It’s Really Like: Flying the Alaska Bush chronicles his Alaska adventures

In What It’s Really Like: Flying the Alaska Bush, Mort Mason has assembled a wide-ranging collection of stories of what’s it’s really like being a bush pilot (and registered hunting guide) in Alaska. These accounts are based on his decades of flying in the 49th state.  Each chapter chronicles Mort’s amazing flights, successfully battling Alaska’s weather and wild topography.  Reading these tales, there’s no doubt Mort is the real deal – and his exploits will amaze anyone who has piloted an airplane in lesser conditions.

“Alaska bush pilots are an entirely separate breed of pilot,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “You may find some of Mort’s stories hard to believe, but he gives his readers his solemn vow that all stories are true.”

In What It’s Really Like: Flying the Alaska Bush, Mort puts you in the right seat as you fly along with him from the safety of your armchair, and accompany him in dangerous weather over hazardous terrain. Fly through the treacherous Merrill Pass and land on snow-covered lakes. He shares his field maintenance solutions – patching holes in seaplane floats, making flat tires usable for takeoff – with whatever materials are available.

“Mort makes it clear that flying in Alaska is like nothing else,” adds Zimmerman.

Written in part to debunk the romance of being a bush pilot, What It’s Really Like will both entertain and inform. And if you’ve ever fantasized about heading North to fly in Alaska, the book just may give you second thoughts. Whatever your motive in reading, Mort’s stories will amaze you. His stories prove that Mort has earned his place as not only a true bush pilot but as a great teller of airplane tales.

What It’s Really Like [M270A] is available for $19.95 in paperback and may be ordered at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.



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