Air Facts Seeks to Publish Experiences of Young Pilots

Air Facts, the online journal sponsored by Sporty’s Pilot Shop, is hosting its second Young Pilot Writer’s Challenge. Air Facts, now in its seventh year of publication online, is soliciting stories from pilots under 23 years of age to share their experiences both as young and newer pilots.

Air Facts’ Young Writers Challenge.

The impetus for Air Facts’ Young Pilot Writer’s challenge is two-fold. One purpose is to show that all pilots can learn from one another, even from a new or student pilot. The second is to encourage younger pilots to feel part of the general aviation community.

“It’s great to learn from the experiences of multi-thousand hour pilots, but we also think that new pilots have stories to share as well,” says Air Facts Editor John Zimmerman. “Stories from a young pilot help to remind us of our own early flying experiences.”

In order to participate in Air Facts’ Young Pilot’s Writers Challenge, which will run now through the end of the summer, pilots under 23 years of age are encouraged to write approximately 1200 to 1500 words about any aspect of their flight training or flying experience. Stories should be submitted to [email protected]. Photos are encouraged.

“This is the second time we’ve specifically solicited stories from young writers,” adds Zimmerman. “We remain hopeful that we just may discover the next Richard Collins or provide future editors and columnists for the aviation media.”