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Time-crunched pilots will appreciate the all-new Flight Review Course from Sporty’s which makes maintaining flying proficiency and preparing for a flight review more efficient. With this course, flight review preparation can take place anytime in a multitude of formats.

“With technology quickly impacting how we fly, this course has been updated to include information on EFB use and ADS-B weather and traffic,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “And we have updated content on pilot technique including night flying, emergencies and angle of attack to address loss-of-control issues in flight.”

Sporty’s Flight Review Course, presented in high-definition, is packed with in-flight footage and animations to enhance the learning experience.  The course is divided into seven subject areas including: aeromedical, airspace, charts and notams, regulations, airport signs and markings, weather, and pilot technique.

Once the course has been completed, the pilot may take a review test with instant feedback including missed questions and suggested areas of study. When the pilot scores more than 80% on the review test, an endorsement from Sporty’s Academy is available to demonstrate completion of the required ground training toward a Flight Review.

Even if your flight review is some time in the future, this course is a great way to sharpen piloting skills and stay current.  Additionally, Sporty’s Flight Review users gain access to Sporty’s team of expert CFIs who are always available to answer any flight-training related question.

Sporty’s Flight Review Course is available as an online course, dedicated app for iOS or Android devices, or in DVD format. The popular online course simply requires a web browser and internet connection – there is no software to install and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

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