Lane Wallace’s Unforgettable Now an Audiobook

Hear her narrate the stories of her 10 best flightsUnforgettablebcd

Lane Wallace’s Unforgettable: My 10 Best Flights is now available from Sporty’s as an audiobook. Narrated by Lane, herself, this audiobook will entertain both pilots and non-pilots alike with Lane’s most adventurous, most rewarding and most memorable flights.

In Unforgettable, Lane describes her ten best flights which range from her first flight to Oshkosh in a Cessna 140 to flying a blimp over the Alps. Other flights include a long flight across Texas, landing on a glacier in Alaska and flying the U-2 spy plane.

“Hearing Lane’s voice narrating the book evokes the emotion these flights hold for her,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Whether while driving, running or just relaxing, listeners will be charmed and entertained by these wonderful stories presented by Lane in her unique style.”

All-new bonus material for the audiobook includes Lane’s description of how and why she became a pilot and how and why she became an aviation writer.  In an additional segment, Lane offers her decade-later perspective on these flights as she reflects on what they meant to her.

Unforgettable is available for $14.95 as a digital download [#A265A] from Audible, or for $24.95 as a 4-disc audio CD [#M344A] at The popular book remains available in its original print version [#M265A] and as an e-book [#E265A].

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