Sporty’s SP-400 Handheld NAV/COM Aviation Radio

SPS_400_clippedNow with an upgraded screen – better contrast and adjustable backlight for improved sunlight readability

The award-winning SP-400 is simply the most powerful portable radio you can buy—like having a complete standby radio stack in your flight bag. The all-in-one radio makes a reliable backup for emergency use, but it’s also perfect for listening to ATIS, getting clearances before engine start or just monitoring local traffic.

But a great radio is worthless if it’s hard to use. That’s why our staff of pilots, flight instructors and aircraft owners spent so much time making the SP-400 intuitive and easy to use. It has all the features you need, but none that you don’t. There are no confusing menus, no memory bands and no complicated squelch buttons—just turn it on and type in a frequency. After all, an emergency is no time to look for an instruction manual.

Why the SP-400 is the pilot-friendly radio:

  • Oversized, high-resolution screen—twice as large as most other radios
  • Enhanced screen backlight with adjustable contrast for better sunlight readability
  • Large, soft keypad is easy to use, even in turbulence
  • No menus or memory banks—just type in the frequency
  • One-handed operation for fast emergency access
  • Unmatched battery life, powered by easy-to-find AAs
  • Quick-change battery pack—switch in just 3 seconds!
  • Backlit screen and keypad
  • Dedicated squelch and volume knobs for precise adjustment


  • Last frequency flip flop makes it easy to switch back and forth
  • Visual memory recall shows five memory channels per screen


  • Full ILS display—the only portable radio with this feature!
  • VOR with large CDI display and automatic bearing-to-station readout


  • NOAA weather radio receiver built in
  • Nationwide coverage with pre-programmed stations


  • Dedicated 121.5 button for instant emergency communications
  • Sidetone—hear yourself talk when using a headset

Includes alkaline battery pack, antenna, wrist strap and instruction manual. Measures 5 1/2”h x 2 1/4”w x 1 5/8”d.  Five year warranty.

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