Elevate your flying experience with Flight Gear Collapsible Sunshades

The ultimate accessory for safety and comfort


Bid farewell to the harsh sun glare and heat with Sporty’s sunshade.

Bid farewell to the harsh sun glare and heat that can make your flights uncomfortable. Sporty’s Flight Gear Collapsible Sunshades are designed to maintain a cool and comfortable interior for your aircraft with quick, convenient installation. Their versatile, lightweight design ensures compatibility with a wide range of flight deck layouts.

Crafted from top-quality UV-resistant materials, the sunshades serve as your aircraft’s shield against the sun’s harmful effects. What’s more, the sunshades also help to protect pilots from harmful ultraviolet radiation, mitigating the risk of eye strain and long-term sun damage.

Setting up the collapsible sunshades is a breeze. They are robust and ingeniously designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring instant relief. When not needed, the shades can collapse in seconds, allowing pilots to quickly adapt to changing light conditions during flight.

“Pilot Sunshades offer unparalleled protection against glare and harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for flights of all durations,” says Sporty’s Director of Aviation Products, Doug Ranly. “These sunshades are also engineered to withstand the rigors of aviation environments while providing maximum comfort for pilots.”

Each set of collapsible sunshades includes two semi-transparent window covers and a storage bag for added convenience and portability.  When expanded, each window cover measures approximately 20” x 12”. The storage bag measures approximately 7” in diameter.

Sporty’s Flight Gear Collapsible Sunshades [8595A] are available for $14.95 per set and may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


Sporty’s sunshade is easily installed for quick relief.

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