Sporty’s Pilot Training app now available for Apple computers

The latest update of Sporty’s award winning Pilot Training platform brings an all-new version of the Pilot Training app to Apple computers, allowing pilots to access courses natively on a Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro.

Sporty’s provides the ultimate flexibility in training by allowing users to access their courses from the device that works best for them on any given day. This includes iPhone, iPad, Android, and even Apple CarPlay, plus all the popular smart TVs, including AppleTV, Roku, FireTV and Android TV. Content is always up to date and course progress stays in sync across all platforms.

The Pilot Training app for Mac was designed to work offline too, making it a great travel companion when traveling on the airlines or when an internet connection isn’t available,” said Sporty’s Senior Vice President Bret Koebbe. “The test prep components are automatically saved for offline use when downloading the app, and pilots can then download videos from individual courses to the Mac’s hard drive for offline playback.”

Another useful feature is the free FAA handbook library included in the app. Launch the “preview” mode for the Learn to Fly, Instrument or Commercial Pilot Courses, and pilots will have full access to all the FAA handbooks pertinent to each course. Each handbook is presented in a powerful PDF viewer and includes search, bookmarking and annotation features.

Sporty’s Pilot Training platform started with just a few online courses over a decade ago and today has grown into the largest selection of aviation training courses in the industry. The extensive library of over thirty HD/4K video and test prep courses includes everything from Private Pilot Training to advanced aircraft and avionics checkouts.

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