Steven Schofield Earns Sporty’s Pilot Training+ Scholarship

Band teacher and Private pilot receives $2,500 award

Steven Schofield (right) flying with his son, Ian Schofield.

Steven Schofield grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, watching airplanes on approach for the Cheyenne Regional Airport while dreaming about flying F-16s in the Air Force. Medical requirements would preclude a military path for Schofield so he pursued a career in music education, but he never forgot his dream of flying.

Today, Schofield is the latest recipient of the Sporty’s Pilot Training+ $2,500 flying scholarship. After earning a Private Pilot certificate in 2003 and flying for the Civil Air Patrol, Schofield took several years off from aviation while raising a family. His recent return to the pilot’s seat was fueled by his son’s interest in becoming a pilot. Schofield is only a few lessons away from earning his Instrument Rating, while his son is training for his Private Pilot certification. Both father and son fly with Flightline, Inc. at the Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport (KGCC) in Gillette, Wyoming.

Schofield is a multi-year Sporty’s Pilot Training+ member and utilized his membership benefits to access Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course to complete his Instrument ground school and FAA written exam. He serves as Director of Bands for the Campbell County School District in Gillette and, in that role, is able to share not only his love of music, but also his passion for aviation with his students.

Schofield intends to continue training toward his Commercial Pilot and may even pursue commercial aviation opportunities during the summer months or in retirement. Schofield remains an active member of the Civil Air Patrol.

Sporty’s Chief Instructor Eric Radtke shared the news of the scholarship with Schofield during a recent video chat.

Sporty’s Pilot Training+ is an all-inclusive membership that unlocks Sporty’s complete library of award-winning video courses and a variety of unique benefits at Sporty’s, including free shipping and the opportunity to apply for three $2500 flight training scholarships annually.

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Steven Schofield (far right) shares his passion for aviation with his band students.