Dave Stahl Checkride Scholarship Recipients Announced

Dave Stahl Checkride Scholarship Recipients Announced

Sporty’s Academy students, William Dunkman and Jonathan Sadler, have been selected as inaugural recipients of the Dave Stahl Checkride Scholarships. The scholarships were created in honor of Dave Stahl, a longtime flight instructor and designated pilot examiner in southwest Ohio, who flew west in August 2020.

The Dave Stahl Memorial Scholarship was established within the Sporty’s Foundation by family and friends to honor Dave’s legacy by funding two checkrides for Sporty’s Academy students. Mr. Stahl’s nieces, Jackie Stahl and Marnie Stahl, helped to outline the scholarship criteria and chaired the scholarship selection committee.

“It makes me think about our uncle and what it must’ve been like when he first discovered the joy of flying”, said Jackie Stahl, “We are so happy for all of these students to be on that journey. Uncle Dave would be proud.”

After selecting the two recipients and reviewing the worthy applications, Jackie and Marnie were inspired to help more applicants who were not selected by funding additional scholarships.

William Dunkman and Jonathan Sadler are currently training toward their Private pilot certificate and the scholarship funds will be used to fund their Private pilot checkrides.

The Sporty’s Foundation, on behalf of the family of Dave Stahl, extends its thanks and best wishes to all of the scholarship recipients.

For more information on The Sporty’s Foundation, visit SportysFoundation.org.