Sporty’s Celebrates 15 Years on YouTube With Expanded Content

Sporty’s Celebrates 15 Years on YouTube With Expanded Content

From flying tips to product reviews, the pilots at Sporty’s share videos every week

Sporty’s is celebrating 15 years on YouTube with its most ambitious schedule of content yet. Over 150 new videos have been uploaded so far in 2020, ranging from in-depth product reviews and technical how-tos to flight training tips and webinar recordings. Pilots have responded, with the channel receiving over 3.6 million views in less than a year.

“Being a pilot means more than just sitting in the left seat, and a high quality video is a great way to keep your head in the clouds while you’re on the ground,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Our goal is to give pilots the inspiration and information they need to keep flying safe, affordable, and fun.”

Sporty’s YouTube channel is organized into multiple playlists to help pilots find the right video for them. Some of the most popular playlists include:

  • Video Tip of the Week: new tips every week, taken from Sporty’s award-winning Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses
  • Ask a Sporty’s CFI: five minute tips for safer flying, from the experienced instructional staff at Sporty’s Academy
  • Product PIREPs: hands-on flight tests with the latest new products, from headsets to smartwatches
  • Touch & Go: simple and quick how-to videos for using radios, ADS-B receivers, and E6Bs
  • Flight Simulators: a growing list of videos to help pilots set up Microsoft Flight Simulator and use it efficiently
  • Webinars: complete recordings of Sporty’s webinar series, with in-depth presentations on hot topics in aviation

There are plenty of fun flying videos, too. Sporty’s hosted a “virtual airshow” this summer with product specials, contests, and new videos. This playlist includes product demos from select Sporty’s partners and even an airshow routine from legendary pilot Patty Wagstaff. This thrilling video, shot with an interactive 360-degree camera, has quickly become one of the most popular videos on Sporty’s channel.

Sporty’s has also partnered with other YouTube stars for exclusive videos. This includes the Back to Base series with JP Schulze (better known as the Candourist), which takes viewers on a variety of flights around the US and New Zealand. An upcoming collaboration with Baron Pilot will bring a new flight training series in 2021.

Sporty’s YouTube channel can be found at or in the YouTube app. To watch even more Sporty’s videos, download the Pilot Training app for iOS and Android devices, which includes over 25 aviation courses.