The Sporty’s Foundation supports EAA with $25,000 Matching Fund Donation

The Sporty’s Foundation supports EAA with $25,000 Matching Fund Donation

Sporty’s and their customers pitch in to give general aviation a boost

With the cancellation of this year’s AirVenture, pilots were unable to attend the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration and EAA lost revenue that helps support its important work for general aviation and youth programs. In the spirit of supporting general aviation and helping EAA, Sporty’s launched a matching funds campaign through The Sporty’s Foundation.  This fundraiser was supported by Sporty’s customers throughout the month of July during Sporty’s Virtual Air Show.

“Sporty’s and EAA have been partners for decades, with a relentless focus on growing participation in aviation,” said Michael Wolf, Sporty’s President and CEO. “The important work of inspiring the next generation of pilots does not stop because AirVenture is on hold for a year, and hopefully this gift will help that work continue.”

The call to support EAA resonated with many pilots who chose to donate and do their part to help in a difficult time.  The most common donations received were in the amounts equal to an AirVenture admission charge.  In total, over $38,000 was donated to EAA by both Sporty’s customers and The Sporty’s Foundation.



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